4 Plus Mock Assessment - 23rd September (suitable for Alleyn's, JAGS and DUCKS)

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4 Plus Mock Assessment - 23rd September (suitable for Alleyn's, JAGS and DUCKS)

Postby Jess from Mentor Education » Wed Sep 13, 2023 11:41 am

Here at Mentor Education we have deep expertise in how to pass the 4 plus assessments used by JAGS, Alleyn's and DUCKS. This is based on our award winning 4 Plus Pillars programme which was designed by Early Years teachers at schools in Dulwich and Hampstead who use the 4 Plus as a core entry point. 

We have slots available on Saturday 23rd September for the first of our mock 4 plus assessment days. We hold these at Oakfield Preparatory School in Dulwich which is just on the South Circular. These are akin to a full dress rehearsal. We practice the key separation moment (where 10-15% of of children fail their assessment) and then engage in group exercises, paired exercises and 1-2-1 exercises which are either exact copies of or very similar to to the assessments at JAGS, Alleyn's and DUCKS and we use a comparable measurement and scoring methodology to that which they use. The children all have their own teacher who is watching them while the exercises are happening so you have 1-2-1 attention. While the children are being assessed there is a talk for parents about what to expect from the 4 plus and how to prepare for it. Afterwards there is individual feedback from our team and advice given, specific to your child, on how to prepare. The sessions including drop off, assessment and feedback last around 1.5 - 2 hours. The cost for one assessment is £500 or you can buy a package of two for £750. 

You can purchase one assessment here:

4 Plus Assessment - Mentor Education

Or contact us to discuss further. hello@mentoreducation.co.uk, 0208 883 2519
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