Growing Strong Happy Families a Parenting Course in four parts.

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Growing Strong Happy Families a Parenting Course in four parts.

Postby Lulu Luckock » Fri Mar 01, 2024 9:33 am

In a fast-changing and increasingly complicated world, the course discusses some of the key qualities needed to keep families grounded, sane, and on track no matter what life throws at them! 
The course supportively guides parents through a process that helps them realign their parenting practice to help them be the parents they really want to be.

In partnership with a local prep school, I have successfully been running an in-person four-week parenting course called 'Growing Strong Happy Families'. 
The feedback from parents has been amazing and having previously run the same course online the preference is for in-person as it enables proper in-depth discussion. 
Similarly, invited back by popular demand, I recently spoke on the same theme at a prep school in Tiverton again to a very appreciative audience.  

If you are interested in the course and you would like to gather a group of parents who are interested too and would share the cost, I would be very happy to run the same course in your home. Or more than happy to liaise with schools who would be happy to facilitate the running of this course on their site.

I have shared some of the Growing Strong Happy Families feedback on my Instagram @lululuckockcounselling so please feel free to take a look.  

Having been a teacher for over 40 years I now work as a social and emotional learning consultant, trainer, and speaker in schools. I also, see children, individuals, couples, and families who need counselling support to help them get through tough times. 

To find out more please visit my website:
I look forward to hearing from you

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