Unlock the Secret: Excel at Timed Writing!

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Unlock the Secret: Excel at Timed Writing!

Postby Creative Hare » Sun Mar 17, 2024 6:24 pm

Do you have a child in Year 3-7 who dreads timed writing tasks at school? Cue eye-roll...

Have you noticed your child is lacking the drive to push their boundaries?

✍️ It's not uncommon for bright children to fear stepping out of their comfort zone when faced with timed pressure. ✍️

However, the secret is that this reluctance often stems from a lack of inspiration and confidence. By providing the right guidance, your child can overcome these hurdles to unlock their individual potential. 

Introducing Quick Write!
👉🏼 Help your child feel relaxed about their writing and experience the satisfaction of learning to ace timed written pieces with more confidence. 
Quick Write! might be the perfect fit for your child if they:
🎯 Enjoy writing but they feel overwhelmed by writing under timed conditions.
🎯 Thrive in an encouraging environment where they feel supported to take on new challenges.

🎯 They value personal feedback as a means to enhance their learning and growth so they can
  be the best writer they can be!

Here's what makes Quick Write! different:
Empowering Tools: These timed writing sessions equip your child with the essential tools needed to excel in creative writing assessments effortlessly. By participating, they'll gain invaluable skills to tackle writing challenges with enthusiasm and finesse.
Positive Mindset: The relaxed yet focused approach ensures that your child associates timed writing with a positive and enjoyable experience. This cultivates a supercharged mindset towards timed creative writing assessments, reducing any apprehension or nervousness they might feel in the classroom or exam hall, ahead of mock exams. 
Personalised Feedback: I believe in the power of personalised guidance. Your child will have the opportunity to submit their work for personalised feedback, tailored to help them to elevate their creative writing skills to new heights.

Year 3: Tuesdays, starting 7th May | 4.15pm-5pm

Year 4-7: Thursdays, starting 18th April | 5.30pm-6.15pm

How do I book?
You can purchase these live, online small group sessions by the pack - 5 sessions is £250
One space has already been booked! You can email clare@creativehare.co.uk to book and pay a £50 deposit to secure your child's spot - because writing under pressure should be a skill they master, not fear. 

Watch my Free 10+/11+ Creative Writing masterclass for Parents by clicking the link below:

https://us02web.zoom.us/rec/share/FZ4Is ... 0695798000

Passcode: @.GhYdm2



Website: www.creativehare.co.uk 
Email: clare@creativehare.co.uk 



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