Mindset Mastery Sessions for the 11+ and 7+ Exams

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Mindset Mastery Sessions for the 11+ and 7+ Exams

Postby PowerThoughtsnc » Sat Oct 20, 2018 4:29 pm

Mindset Mastery Sessions offers a dynamic combination of teaching, coaching and mindfulness tools which are designed to enhance and advance your child’s 11+ and 7 + exam experience.  

What? This is a 4 week programme that is designed to teach your child the specific tools and information to help dissolve their worries and manage their feelings of overwhelm, so that they are feeling calm and focused, allowing them to prepare for their exams and setting them up for success on the day! 

Who are the sessions for? The teachings are specifically designed for children who are preparing for their  7+ and 11+ entry exams taking place in January 2019.  
  • Is your child is feeling worried, or nervous about the upcoming exams?
  • Are emotional meltdowns becoming a recurring theme when they are struggling to revise?
  • Are they unable to ‘bounce back’ when making mistakes?
  • Do they panic or 'freeze' when they are struggling with a tricky concept? 
  • Would your child benefit from spending time with me, learning how to dissolve their worries and manage their emotions so that they are feeling happier, calmer and more focused - allowing them to perform to their best potential on the big day?

If so, then my Mindset Mastery Sessions is for them.  During this 4-week programme I will be sharing the tools to help build your child’s resilience so they are better able to manage their emotions, respond to challenges in a more resourceful way and so allowing your child to feel calmer, happier and more confident within themselves.

And don’t just take my word for it, here's what has recently been said about the Mindset Mastery experience: 

"I have seen the power of your methods in real time this weekend. Sibella got lots of words wrong on her spelling practice this weekend, multiple times! However, there was no scribbling or screwing up of the paper. Instead, she noted her 'YES' moments next to the wrong answer and told me that her brain was getting stronger!
This is such a breakthrough as I used to dread spellings and preparing for tests. Thank you so much, Natalie!"  - S. Greenwold, mum of two children, boy aged 6 and 9 girl . 

Where do these sessions take place? Sessions can take place either face-to-face within the comfort of your own home, or online via Skype. (A recording is also made available for the online session, therefore allowing you to refer back to the material taught.)  All sessions are designed to be fun, practical and interactive -  and laughter is guaranteed! 

What your child can expect to learn from our time spent together:  

Week 1: Deconstructing the worry and confidence wobbles: Together we explore when your child feels stressed, anxious and overwhelmed. They will be introduced to the functions of the brain and learn  powerful tools to help them stay calm so that they are able to remain focused and resourceful when preparing for their exams.  

Week 2: Developing a Mindset for Success: Your child will begin to gain an awareness of their self-talk and learn powerful tools to shift their negative self-talk to positive encouragement instead. We will explore the importance of  mindset when faced with challenges, understanding the connection between our thoughts, feelings and behaviour. Your child  will learn practical tools that will support them to shift their perceptions, knowing that they have a ‘choice’ with regards to their thoughts and how they respond.  

Week 3: Bounce back with Power: During this session your child will  be taught how to to reframe their ‘failures’, learn to embrace their mistakes and use it as an opportunity to grow. They will also learn how to deal with setbacks and challenges so that they are able to develop their resilience and ‘bounce back’ with power, setting them up for the next steps in their development. This session will empower your child to use those ‘challenging situations’ as an opportunity for growth, so that they are inspired to ‘try again’ instead of giving up (having an emotional meltdown?)   

Week 4 Confident Me: Together we will  explore ‘confidence’ in greater detail. You child will recognise that confidence is about taking action, even though they may feel scared or nervous  at the time. Powerful and practical tools will be shared to build your child’s confidence setting them up for success on the day of their exams. Your child will leave this session with an ever present toolkit allowing them to face the challenges ahead and identify the practical steps needed so that they are taking action, feeling confident and empowered. 

The tools and information shared will benefit your child not only as they prepare for their exams but also when it comes to managing everyday challenges such as making new friends, before a competition, speaking up in class or dealing with change.  

So get ready to be inspired and have some fun. Learning and laughter are guaranteed. Remove the stress, worry and overwhelm and help you child feel calm, confident and setting them up for success!   

Spaces are limited so get in touch soon to avoid disappointment. 

Enquiries can be made by contacting Natalie directly via coaching@nataliecosta.co.uk
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