Changing gas hob to induction - help

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Changing gas hob to induction - help

Postby M&mmum » Thu Mar 14, 2019 11:03 am

We are thinking of changing our gas hob to electric - has anyone done this and where do we start?  :o
Plumber, electrician, worktop guy?
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Re: Changing gas hob to induction - help

Postby rooting4tooting » Fri Mar 15, 2019 3:53 pm

having done that same thing here are some bits of information
you will need to cap off the gas, so you will need someone who is a gas-safe registered engineer.
most 5 station induction hobs need a 30amp supply, so unless you have one, a new ring main will need to be installed (cables from your consumer unit/fuse box). A qualified electrician will be required if this is the case.

But.. a big but.. I would heartily recommend you to have a hob with both gas and induction or buy a double gas and a double induction hob. There are many cooking processes that just do not work so well with an induction hob.
If you use a pressure cooker it is very difficult not to burn your veg.
If you use a wok, you can't with an induction hob as no flames lick the side heating the whole wok. In fact there are special wok induction hobs...

induction hobs do look good, clean easily and fry really well.
you pays your money.....

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