Sundial - Sash window refurbishment

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Sundial - Sash window refurbishment

Postby smudger59 » Mon Jun 17, 2019 2:09 pm

Our friends recommended Sundial Property Services but I also had another two companies quote to refurbish seven of our sash windows for completeness. I went with Steve's quote because I thought it was the most thorough of the three - he actually explained in detail what the refurbishment process would involve while the others just skimmed over it - and then answered my many, many questions very well. In particular, I liked the fact Steve planned to use waxed cotton cords over cheaper polyester or nylon (which the other companies quoted) and the fact he planned two undercoats and one top coat instead of the lesser number of coats quoted by the others. From small details like those, I had a feeling Sundial's was going to be quality work. 

What I didn't appreciate then was what a labour of love refurbishing sash windows is for Sundial... Irek and Dawid were the most patient and meticulous tradespeople I think I have ever had in my house. The windows, to quote Steve, were in sound but neglected condition (painted shut, cracking paint, broken panes, rotten window sills) but after the many, many hours the guys spent on them, they look magnificent and the rooms are noticeably less draughty. Other posters have mentioned how courteous and tidy the guys were around the house and I would agree with all of that, but what I really liked was their attitude, which was professional and focused the entire time. 

We still have another twelve windows to work on and I have already asked Sundial back during the summer to complete them. Clearly, then, I am very happy to recommend them. 
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Re: Sundial - Sash window refurbishment

Postby supermonkey » Tue Jun 18, 2019 8:51 am

Thank you so much for your kind words Sharon, it was a pleasure to work for you.

We enjoyed working in Clapham and welcome enquiries from anybody else in the vicinity, including Balham and Wandsworth should you require any similar work carrying out.

Our prices are competitive and we're very good at what we do. Mostly Sash Window refurbishment and fitting new Slimlite double glazed windows into your existing frames. 

Please visit our website for further information or call Steve on 07966 493641

Thank you - Steve
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