Paint the Town Green decoration tutorial E14: What products you need to paint wood

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Paint the Town Green decoration tutorial E14: What products you need to paint wood

Postby PaintTheTownGreen » Fri May 15, 2020 8:16 pm

Hi again, 

It would seem many of you were too busy enjoying the alfresco to watch our last tutorial which went alfresco and looked at upcycling garden DIY furniture. Or maybe you all just need a break from DIY!

Lockdown has relaxed. Our freedom has not yet been fully reinstated however so don't allow yourself to be too distracted by newly open gardening centres and car rides in the country. There is no better sense of achievement that a painting project that's gone better than you expected. 

Our latest short and sweet tutorial looks at primers and undercoats. 

So, you're thinking of painting your doors. Prep, prime, paint. So simple...until that is, you pop into your local hardware store (or in this case Paint the Town Green on Allfarthing Lane 😃) to buy some #paint and within moments you are bamboozled by the different products: Primer, Undercoat (what’s the difference?). That one over there says it does both in one tin - how’s that then? And anyway what exactly do they do and why do I need them?

Is this you?

If you’ve ever found yourself in this mind-spinning moment, watch our latest tutorial to learn what primers & undercoats are once and for all and why you need them for painting woodwork.

As mentioned, this one is short and sweet - only a few minutes long - and yet there is so much to gain. Knowledge is power after all! 💪🏻 It’s not our most scintillating tutorial but even the best jobs like ours can’t always be a barrel of laughs. And no ones ever said boring isn’t jolly useful! Happy Weekend all! ... tutorials/
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