I should...Petty Sessional

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I should...Petty Sessional

Postby thelastsupper » Wed Sep 09, 2020 11:25 am

I should...Petty Sessional


09 - 13 September 2020

Bidding begins now and ends on SUNDAY evening, 13 September 

Email to submit a bid(s): thelastsupperartgallery@gmail.com

'I should...Petty Sessional' 2020   

London map, stainless steel entomology pins, + mixed media, 34 X 48 X 3 cm.  Framed dimensions, 48 x 62 x 5 cm.  Framed in a hand painted box frame with Non-Reflective UV Art Glass.
Artist: Andrew Wenrick

Estimate: £ 1200.00

Starting Bid:  £ 675.00
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Bids  taken via email thelastsupperartgallery@gmail.com and instagram @thelastsupper_art_gallery instant messaging.

Real time updates of the auction will be on THE LAST SUPPER website.

You will be notified when you are the HIGH bidder, or if you have been OUTBID.  The bidding will close on Sunday evening, and the winner will be notified.  If the winner is local to the gallery, then delivery will be free of charge.  Otherwise, the cost of shipping will be additional.

Please follow THE LAST SUPPER on instagram, as the majority of reminders will be posted on that feed, and share with as many of your friends as possible to spread the word!  Bidding begins now and ends on SUNDAY evening, 13 September

* If there is a specific ARTIST or particular ARTWORK that you would like to see go up for AUCTION, email to let us know!
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