Damp in basement

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Damp in basement

Postby FrankJ » Tue Oct 06, 2020 9:11 am

Hi, we have a basement which is slightly bigger than average. One part is used as a utility room: washing machine, dryer, etc. The other is for storage only.

After two years of living there, I have just noticed some damp marks on one side of the external wall (storage section / basement wall front of property). I spoke to a damp company (sent them pictures) who said given the rain over last week, this is normal as this is a cold basement and therefore it's moisture coming through the brickwork.

I wanted to see if anyone else experiences this. If they have left it or done things to remedy it. My only real issue is that if we decide to sell the house, we are going to get some negative marks when the survey is done.

I am just a little lost why it would happen now as we've had periods of heavy rain over last two years when we bought it.

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