Declutter & Donate Your Bras! #breastcancerawarenessmonth

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Declutter & Donate Your Bras! #breastcancerawarenessmonth

Postby DeclutterOnDemand » Wed Oct 21, 2020 5:02 pm

We love helping clients to declutter and organise their homes and always try to recommend sustainable solutions for letting go of unwanted items. We often get asked by clients: is it possible to donate my unwanted bras? The good news is that you can!

As it is breast cancer awareness month this October, we thought a blog post on how to declutter and donate bras would be fitting.
We have set out the best ways to declutter and donate your bras to a good cause here: declutterondemand .com/blogs.  We hope you find it helpful!

Next time you open your underwear drawer – remember your old bras can make a real difference to someone else’s life. If you need a hand decluttering your wardrobe then please visit our website to book in a session. We would love to help!
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