Tree in our garden close to neighbouring house

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Tree in our garden close to neighbouring house

Postby treeworry123 » Sat Mar 13, 2021 2:30 pm

I'm looking for some advice please.

We have a small garden with a beautiful tree at the far end. Since moving in 9 years ago, the tree has grown substantially from about 10-12ft tall to now almost reaching the top of the neighbouring house. It's about two feet from a neighbouring house.

We employ a tree surgeon annually to keep the height/crown of the tree down, but the trunk continues to grow and is now a good foot wide. Every time the tree surgeon comes I ask them about the tree's proximity to the neighbouring house and my concern over whether the roots could do damage to their foundations and they always say don't worry, the roots are shallow. (It's a silver birch)

But I'm still worried. I know we are liable, but what should I do to prevent any damage? 

Anyone have any experience about this sort of thing?

Thank you for reading!
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