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Portaloo time

Postby Bog time » Mon Oct 10, 2022 9:24 am

Hi there

We lived through work on our house for 18 months and I agree with others that you should get a portaloo. It is a relatively small additional expense to you but worth paying for if you are that bothered by it.

If you are unable to pay for a portaloo, think it is reasonable to request that the builders clean the toilet they are using at the end of the working day (although you may need to be prepared that this is likely not going to be to the standard you would expect).

It is entirely unreasonable to restrict the use of the toilet to wees only. Imagine your response if your workplace, or child’s school, implemented this type of policy?

Sincerely appreciate the strain of having builders in your home. It will end eventually, and in the meantime, keep calm and carry on!

Take care
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