Selling your home? Why you should use Moveli...

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Selling your home? Why you should use Moveli...

Postby pclappison » Tue Oct 16, 2018 4:06 pm

Having been an estate agent in Southwest London for over 16 years I could go on about the fees high street estate agents charge and or the pros and cons of 'online' estate agents... instead I'll just get straight to why using Moveli is the proverbial...  no brainer.  :)

First up, we only cover SW6, SW11 and SW12 (so far!)
If you don't live in these areas then we're not the right choice for you because we don't know enough about your area to give you the service your deserve! But if you do live in these areas, read on...

Our Fees
0.75% (+VAT) + a listing fee of £192

Why you need to consider using Moveli
Your estate agent - yes - the person actually selling your home, will earn about twice as much to sell it than an estate agent working at a high street estate agency. I bet you didn't know that most high street estate agents only pay their agents about 10% of the actual fee you pay the agency (whilst they keep the remaining 90% or so). That leaves a very small fraction of the fee you pay to motivate the agent to get you the highest price! Not good.

Moveli Agents get paid almost half the entire fee you pay making them much more motivated to get you the highest price.

We are extremely experienced
Moveli agents have years and years and years... (you get the idea) of experience in your specific local area. Thy also live in your area as well. Suffice to say they are the creme de la creme of the agency world. And you get their personal service for about half the cost of going via the high street! Result.

How? Sounds like it's too good to be true...
Moveli is a genuine win win. Your estate agent gets paid much more to deliver you the highest price and best service... whilst you pay about half the price. 
How - because we don't have expensive and outdated high street shops to pay for so more of your money goes towards incentivising your agent to get you the best price.

If you're so good why haven't I heard of you?
You just did  ;) . No seriously, it's because we are only 6 months old and are revolutionising estate agency in the mid-upper market (that's your market). You will hear more and more about us over the coming years. 

In the meantime - talk to me, Paul Clappison... I can give you more information and a free property valuation. 

Paul Clappison
020 3150 0733

"Highly recommended. Having listed with Moveli along with another major high street estate agent, a far better outcome was achieved with Moveli. They offer a more personalised service, that is far better suited to today’s buyers/sellers, whilst providing honest advice and feedback which can be increasingly hard to come by with the larger high street estate agents. This all then comes with the added benefit of far more competitive and reasonable fees." MR J. Y. 
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