Plastic playthings for Bowling Green Cafe

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Plastic playthings for Bowling Green Cafe

Postby nicolap » Mon Aug 31, 2015 8:53 pm

Dear lovely SW London Mamas

I wanted to ask if anyone out there has any unwanted plastic playthings for the Bowling Green Cafe area on Clapham Common? There has been a big cull in the toys there as loads got broken and its such a shame. It is such a clever idea that people donate their old toys and playhouses to this area, and it has become a really fantastic place to take children ranging from baby to school age for picnics and outdoor play in a great grassy environment. One where you can also get great cakes and dinner for the kids and a glass of wine for us!

If anyone has any old sit on cars, bikes, scooters, playhouses, slides, etc all of us mums whose children aren't yet of that age, or dont have the space in our houses for toys of that size, would be so so grateful. It is a lovely community area and we would welcome any donations you have to keep this area a fun place for all the little SW ones to hang out.

Huge huge thanks in advance and please spread the word

Lots of love xxx :D
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