Confident Me! A dynamic 4-day online event to help your child feel brave, bounce back and have another go!

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Confident Me! A dynamic 4-day online event to help your child feel brave, bounce back and have another go!

Postby PowerThoughtsnc » Thu May 21, 2020 6:09 pm

Hello all. 

I'm launching another round of 'Confident Me!'. Last week's group coaching session was a huge success and after receiving many requests and DM's I've decided to host it again - next week during half term.

‘Confident Me!’ is a 4-day kickstart to help your child be BRAVE, BOUNCE BACK and have ANOTHER GO! 
This dynamic 4-day online programme is specifically designed to help support your child to navigate this period of change and uncertainty - so that they can achieve more calm, happiness and confidence! 
But it’s about YOU too. I have designed this special learning experience to help parents like you, who would love to have more tools to help yourself and your child manage those big feelings and better deal with the wobbly situations. 
Further information about this very special experience:
  • This course is ideal for children between the ages of 6 - 10 years of age. 
  • We will start Tuesday 26th May and end Friday 29th May 
  • Sessions for children will take place 11:30 - 12:15 (UK time) online in our virtual classroom 
  • The sessions are designed in such a way that your child will be able to join independently (however parents are welcome to join in too)
  • To ensure the streaming quality of the sessions, participants camera’s are turned off. Children will still be able to see me, my slides, clips and information shared and interact via the chat box. 
  • You’ll receive Power Packs containing activities that will support your child’s learning during our calls as well as Cheat-Sheets sharing an overview of what was taught. 
  • If you can’t join live then not to worry as recordings of all sessions will be made available allowing you and your child to refer back to as much as you like! 
  • A parent call will also be included where we will dive deeper into the tools, allowing you to further support your child. 
  • Parent call to take place Wednesday 27th May 19:30 UK time (A replay of these will also be made available so you can replay as much as you like) 
Here is a brief overview of topics that will be covered during our time together: 
  • Day One: How to dissolve big feelings 
  • Day Two: My Super Hero 
  • Day Three: The Magic of Making Mistakes 
  • Day Four: Confidence Power
During our time together your child will discover how to: 
  • Dissolve their big feelings (e.g anger, worry, frustration) so that they’re feeling calmer and more in control and acceptance.
  • Manage their self-talk and intrusive thoughts, discovering powerful tools to shift their worries to empowerment instead!
  • Bounce back and reframe their mistakes and challenges, using them as an opportunity to grow and learn!
The tools and information shared will benefit you and your child to not only manage the big emotions but also everyday challenges such as navigating the recent changes and ‘homeschooling life’ as well as when preparing for an event, competition, exam or when making new friends.

The fee for Confident Me is £89.00 or upgrade to a VIP package that include an additional 1:1 coaching session for a child for £189.00 

Kindly note that one ticket can apply for a household of two children. More than two children require multiple tickets. 

 Bookings can be made HERE

What previous participants and parents have said:
My 9-year old absolutely loved his online calls with Natalie. he was so keen to embrace what she had to teach him and really felt empowered with his new skills.” - Francesca Geens, founder of Happy Self Journal. 
Thank you for being such a good teacher Natalie. The tools have helped me not to get so angry with my little brother.’ Eliza, age 7.  
Thank you for giving this course, we are all learning a lot. At the start I thought it would help my daughter but then I realised that it was a great learning experience for my son too. It’s a great idea to organise the group experience - thank you so much.” Lucia, Luxembourg

I hope you are able to join and I can't wait to see you there :) 
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