Screen time and young children

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Re: Screen time and young children

Postby Moving2SW11 » Thu Aug 29, 2019 8:21 pm

“I am very saddened that nowadays parents are so easily using electronics to get peace from their little children who really learn much more from communicating with their parents. “
Wenlinchineseschool it’s amazing you think parents who let children play with electronics is because they want to get peace.
I play games with my daughter on the computer all the time and we both learn from the process and from each other.
Please do not judge other people by your standards. Your kids are growing up the way you like, fine, bravo. Others have a choice and just because it’s different to yours, does not make them wrong!
I suggest as a school, you approach child education with an open mind and don’t prejudge children. Other use you only have one way to go and that is southbound.
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Re: Screen time and young children

Postby FirstClassCoders » Fri Aug 30, 2019 5:09 am

Hi Sandaf,

As a parent to an 8 year old and a 4 year old, I can empathise with your post and your worries about screen time and your son.

I don’t believe that avoidance of screens altogether is the right solution, screen time limits are effective until a child or young person can regulate their own usage.

Focusing on health behaviours with gadgets and within digital spaces is the way to go. It doesn’t seem like he is there yet... but that be because he feels he’s missing out by no having the same as his friends.

You know what values you would like your children to learn, so cultivate and reinforce those values with tech and his interactions with tech.

There has been an explosion in digital technology and globally as we move towards the 4th industrial revolution where a “range of new technologies are fusing the physical, digital and biological worlds, impacting all disciplines, economies and industries” Klaus Schwab of weforum

The use of screens and tech is only going to increase.

I wanted to put forward another perspective, which essentially is to embrace tech in a positive way and see it’s potential.

There is an impending skills gaps, in just 8 years, the UK alone is going to need about 50,000 skilled people in research and development in STREAM (Science, Technology, Robotics, Engineering, Arts and Maths related industries. That is only going to increase with time and technological advancements.

That's why in 2014 there was an overhaul of the National Curriculum to move away from teaching ICT - using applications such as Word or PowerPoint to Computing including Coding, learning how the applications work, so students can design and create their own applications, games and animations.

Did you know that computing- Coding is on the National Curriculum from age 5?

Coding is the instructions given to a computer so that it understands. It's what makes it possible for any computer, piece of software or app to work. 

Coding is revolutionising our lives.

I strongly encourage you to engage your son into creating tech through an extra-curricular enrichment activity/coding club such as First Class Coders.

First Class Coders was created as we believe it is vitally important that children and young people are prepared to succeed in tommorow's economy, through an understanding and appreciation of STREAM
(science, technology, robotics, engineering, arts and maths).

We provide creative, unique, meaningful coding and digital literacy sessions for children typically age 3-8 years, to learn coding concepts and develop 21st century digital skills. We deliver weekly sessions in the community, enrichment classes in schools, nurseries, holiday workshops and via private tuition.

Reduce all opportunities for your son to only be a passive consumer of technology - eg playing recreational games on Nintendo Switch.

At First Class Coders we use a mixture of plugged and unplugged play to engage the kids in coding and the potential of tech. By doing this at an early age we aim to reduce the development of stereotypes and give kids the opportunity to see tech in a different way, potentially as a real career.

Even if tech, is not a career choice for them. Whilst kids are learning to Code they are also learning important academic and social skills such as:

Critical Thinking
Problem Solving
Confidence and

Universally transferable skills, that are vital for the 21st Century irrespective of the field they go into. I hope I have been able to offer an alternative view regarding screen time and tech.

At First Class Coders we bring the tech! all the kids (and their grown ups) need is the imagination and enthusiasm to start on this rewarding journey.

Create Their Future with First Class Coders.

We look forward to seeing you #PlayCodeGrow with us very soon. 😃

Marsha x
First Class Coders Ltd

tel:07944 676 239
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Or search #PlayCodeGrow to find us.
Looking forward to seeing you #PlayCodeGrow with us!

We welcome all #teenytechies, creators & problem-solvers ages 3+

Marsha x

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