Pregnant, stressed with disputing neighbours

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Pregnant, stressed with disputing neighbours

Postby multi-multitasker » Mon Jul 21, 2014 10:19 pm

I am 6 months pregnant and having to deal with a neighbour dispute that is stressing me out :o( We have a gate into a complex with 6 houses where our house is. The person who owns the house next to the gate entrance has gone to court to make a claim of trespass as the wall has a couple of screws connected to his wall. They did this without even contacting us first (the gate has been there for 6 years by developed and in accordance with council planning permission). Now it looks like they are going to be unsuccessful with this claim, they are saying the real issue is noise and they will bring a claim for this. They are also now stating that they dispute the freehold ownership of the drive and they will make a claim for this (the deeds are quite clear), there are a couple more things they have said - none of which seem credible but all take time and money to defend. Both things we will be lacking with the arrival of our first child.

I have been looking round on the internet but can't find any help on whether we can prevent this at all. We have already had to incur costs for defending the trespass claim, which we can't claim back until this case is closed.

I was also thinking of going to Citizens Advice but not sure how much they can help other than get a lawyer - but this is costing each time they start a new chain of dispute. Anyone out there provide any advice on this - I would be much appreciated!!

Many Thanks!
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Re: Pregnant, stressed with disputing neighbours

Postby NYE31 » Tue Jul 22, 2014 11:11 am

So sorry to hear about this, there have been some excellent suggestions on this site for party wall experts, property lawyers etc

I would def contact the CAB & the Council etc together with the Land Registry.

We had some dreadful issues with our old neighbours & we used Premier Property Lawyers who were v.good.

Good luck & please try not to get too stressed out (easier said than done) x
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Re: Pregnant, stressed with disputing neighbours

Postby Herculesmum » Mon Jul 28, 2014 6:38 pm

Perhaps check your home insurance policy. Ours comes with "free legal cover" which means that should we be sued or want to sue someone we get the first £50,000 of legal fees covered and also uses recommended solicitors who are experts in all sorts of matters.

We had to opt into it, so it depends if you foresaw this when you took out your policy. We opted in and then completely forgot we had it until a friend found themselves being sued (at which point I wanted to get it added to my policy just in case!) so you may find that you did opt in at the time.

Also, "Which" magazine offers a legal service. You pay a small amount per year and then get access to legal experts who can provide you with advice. They won't provide the same coverage as taking on a solicitor but they could perhaps give you some guidance of what your rights are and where to start.

It sounds like a horrible situation all around and one has to hope that your neighbours will run out of steam at some point. You say you are one house of 6 in the complex. Do you have any idea why your neighbours have suddenly started a vendetta against the complex? Its probably already been tried, but have you sat down with them to try and understand what the root cause is? Its probably nothing to do with screws in a gate or noise. I'm assuming from what information you have given that you don't outsource management of the complex to a management company and instead all deal with it yourselves?