Save Balham Bowling Green: Planning Objection

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Re: Save Balham Bowling Green: Planning Objection

Postby dequacivis » Tue May 15, 2018 9:44 am

ppe wrote:What a coincidence to come across this article a few days ago ... 35496.html

Objections to the development of our 'unused' green spaces shouldn't solely be confined (and I do think they are justified in doing so) to their effect on nearby existing housing and their residents. How about simply trying to preserve them for their intrinsic value as a whole?
According to the natural-historical value view, natural entities, including species and some ecosystems, have intrinsic value in virtue of their independence from human design and control (Katz 1992) and their connection to human-independent evolutionary processes (Rolston 1986). This is the conception of intrinsic value that Soulé appeals to in his normative postulate: "Species have value in themselves, a value neither conferred nor revocable, but springing from a species' long evolutionary heritage and potential" (Soule 1985). Although the idea of natural-historical value is conceptually coherent, it has proven to be difficult to justify. That is, it is not easy to explain why natural-historical properties of species and systems are objectively value adding (Sandler 2007).
I fear that given the ownership of the land will determine its fate to a large degree. But I will be objecting nonetheless even though I don't live anywhere near the site.

Good luck to everyone in their protest of this development - and please spread the word.
The Developer has attached several "Non-Reports" that back up a preposition that the site is Worthless as anything but high value (high density) houses.... we suggest you read them and see if you agree??
Doesn't matter anyway, as the Council WILL AGREE - absolutely no alternative use worth pursuing apart from high density housing that pays the Council large amounts of CIL
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Re: Save Balham Bowling Green: Planning Objection

Postby balhammomma » Thu May 17, 2018 9:36 am

Thank you so much for all your comments and interest. Today is the last day to register an objection. Many thanks.
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Re: Save Balham Bowling Green: Planning Objection

Postby Spinosaurus » Thu May 17, 2018 10:53 am

Just checking the council website and the comments period now ends on May 31st so a bit more time for comments thankfully. ... I=PLANNING