Kids BMX type Bike Helmet - Full face brand new!

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Kids BMX type Bike Helmet - Full face brand new!

Postby wasban » Mon Aug 20, 2018 9:52 am

<r>Mongoose Full Face Kids' Bike Helmet. Received as gift very recently and unused as decided hates cycling now! For sale at Halfords for £35.00. <br/>
‘No BMX bike is complete with the supremely cool Mongoose Full Face Kids' Bike Helmet! This helmet not only looks awesome, it will also protect little heads as they learn to do the tricks that the BMX legends started with. It has removable pads for complete comfort, and the under chin fastening and adjustable straps make for a secure fit’<br/>
£20.00, boxed, unused! <ATTACHMENT filename="64393CF1-B0A4-4928-8A02-AFCDBF7E9ED3.jpeg" index="0"><s>
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Re: Kids BMX type Bike Helmet - Full face brand new!

Postby Sevest » Sat Oct 13, 2018 3:42 pm

Nice helmet!
I have unprotected sex almost every day, and it's not the least bit irresponsible, because my precautions guarantee 100% safety. Again, I never endorsed riding without a helmet, and will make my kids wear them. I may even change my mind once I make a fast high powered ebike, but it would be a proper helmet, and since landing face first is more common than I thought, it would be a full face motorcycle helmet. This doesn't detract from my viewpoint that there are many things that are far more important than wearing a helmet in terms of real safety. These include (not in any particular order):
Regular inspection of your equipment to be sure that it's in good working order
Don't exceed the capacity of your bike or command of it, taking into consideration traffic and road conditions
Be constantly aware of your surroundings
Be intimately familiar with the road you're on or slow way down
Break traffic laws when it means a higher degree of safety

Have a search for Met's Parachute model. Maybe they've put out a new model.

Personally, I think there's a case to wear them, especially in some criterium races, though haven't seen data on how much force the face protector can absorb before shattering and risking your eyes. Keep in mind too if you buy it OS, the compromise of not having an Aussie standards sticker.