Considering a basement or construction project? Check this first

Last Updated on : 25th April 2024

Constructing a basement involves serious structural work – particularly underneath an existing building. Robin Wemyss from local firm Maro Construction who have a dedicated Basements & Groundworks division has shared his top 8 non negotiables that anybody considering embarking on a basement or indeed any construction project should check first:

1) Check the contractor’s insurance – is it up to date? Does it cover your planned project? They should have contractor’s all risks/contractor’s liability and PI insurance in place. If they don’t, don’t touch them.

2) Check the contractor’s financials– do they have a sensible amount of assets on their balance sheet and a sensible amount of retained earnings? Can they continue to operate and complete your project if an unrelated project goes wrong somewhere else? Counterparty risk in construction has never been more important. It’s staggering how few people do their due diligence.

3) Check previously completed projects in the flesh– don’t get sucked in by Instagram posts or a website – you are dealing with a builder, not an influencer!

4) Get references from previous clients– at least half a dozen – and call them.  Also visit completed projects.

5) Check the offsite set up– who is responding to your emails/phone calls? Who is responsible for making sure the team are sticking to the project programme? Who is going to respond to you on a Sunday if needs be?

6) Are the trades in house or subcontracted?  If subcontracted be aware you are in a chain and the contractor won’t have the same level of control as if they were in house

7) Health & Safety – make sure the contractor has a Risk Assessment Method Statement (RAMS) in place – it’s crucial to have a safe site during the works

8) Party Wall – you will more than likely need a Party Wall Award (PWA) in place before commencing works – this always takes longer than people think – allow for at least 6-8 weeks



Maro Construction are a Wandsworth based main contractor operating across SW, Central and NW London. With over 70 site operatives backed up by the office team of construction specialists on Northcote Road, the company carries out prime refurbs, new builds, basements and groundworks. All trades are in house allowing us to control projects from front to back.
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