Considering Air bnb-ing your home?

Last Updated on : 27th April 2018

Does your home sit empty for several weeks within the year? If so, have you ever considered making money from it, at no extra inconvenience to you? Whether you’ve just got several big holidays booked or you travel for work, there’s another option.

Cue, Portico Host.

Portico Host is an Airbnb Management Service offered by London estate agent Portico.Utilising Portico’s other services, they pull together everything you need to get your home ready to put on Airbnb, manage your guests during their stay and make sure you just receive the pay-packet at the end.

Need more convincing? Here’s our top reasons to consider Airbnb-ing your home this summer:

1) Airbnb have a huge global audience. There are currently 55,893 live listings in London, which receive an average of 137 views a week, according to AirDNA data. It’s never been easier to find people who are looking to rent a home like yours.

2) You can earn an average daily rate of £120, according to AirDNA data, but it’s important to be aware that if you have a visitor who says for over 14 consecutive days in a month then you must declare the extra income.

3) Know your home isn’t sitting empty whilst you’re away. Your Portico Host team on hand, you can have peace of mind that there are suitable guests in your home and the team will pick up any issues which arise during their stay, so you don’t have to.

4) Pick which level of security you’d like. Whether you wish to opt for ease and have the guests pick up keys from a lockbox or whether you’d like them to be met face-to-face, services like Portico Host mean that you can choose what works for you with several packages, with different levels of services.

5) What about insurance? Make sure your Airbnb Management service have got you covered. With Portico Host you can benefit from Portico Host Cover so you have peace of mind.

6) If any maintenance issues arise, with Portico Handyman, the team don’t need to wait around to find the right people to fix it, they can have it attended to quickly and easily with the in-house team.

7) The locals have got this. Picking an Airbnb Management Service that have London knowledge and physical offices around the city mean that your team are on-hand and ready to help if needed.

8) Thinking of becoming a landlord?If you’ve got an empty property, why not give short-letting a go before you decide whether you’d like to let it long-term.

If you’re considering short-letting your home on Airbnb, why not find out more about Portico Host, for the chance to win £150 John Lewis vouchers if you sign up before May 31st 2018. Get in touch with the team for a quick no-obligation consultation. The team can talk you through the process and packages available. Find out more at or call 020 7099 4000.

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