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Council safe school return video

Last Updated on : 9th June 2020
Council safe school return video

Dear NappyValleyNetter,

“Your mother called, can you FaceTime her back when you have a moment?”

Mr NappyValleyNet wandered into the living room holding out an iPad.

It’s taken ages to get my parents onto the “web” and LockDown had given them the last bit of motivation needed to get them Facetiming and Zooming.

I was just about to call her back when he continued, “you might want to give her a few moments to calm down.”

“Okayyyy,” I said, sensing there was a little more to their exchange but not sure I wanted to know.

“Yeah, I was on the loo reading about Trump when she called and I accidentally answered and the camera…”

His voice trailed off, I wished that the mental image, now etched onto my brain, would do the same.

Then he handed me the iPad.

“Don’t worry I washed my hands.”


Here’s what you’ve been talking about on NappyValleyNet:

R. would like to lend her brother money but her husband disagrees (read more). She wants your advice. Please remember when replying that this is a real person with a real problem

Ever wondered what a five million pound family home looks like? (read more) I want it!

So many helpful and interesting replies to S.’s question of whether to take their family abroad for work despite having elderly grandparents (read more)?

Debenhams have announced that they won’t be opening up again after the pandemic (read more). I find that particularly sad as there was so much history in that building.

C. posted about a leaflet on 5G which landed on their doormat with quite an ensuing debate on the whole issue and beyond. Maybe don’t read this if you’re not into conspiracy theories (read more). Or perhaps do if you think the earth is flat.

D. has posted to say the wrecking ball destined for Homebase can only be a week or so away as the final closing down sales are on (read more). More flats! Yippee!

A stretch of Bedford Hill has been closed to vehicles in measures to increase pedestrian safety and limit car use but not everyone thinks it will prove effective (read more).

S. is a local mum and filmmaker who has created an uplifting and heart-warming We’ll Meet Again community film (read more). Ooooh I wonder if it’s more like Cathy Come Home or Toy Story? All films can be measured on that spectrum! Maybe.

The landlord of The Eagle just off Northcote Road featured in The Guardian recently warning about pubs’ survival if landlords don’t cancel rent in the light of coronavirus (read more). The Eagle is one of Mr NVN’s favourite pubs so I really hope they make it! Otherwise he’ll be at home even more in 2020.

The debate goes on following D’s question as to whether you’re allowed to have your hairdresser come to your home (read more). If you name rhymes with Cominic Dummings I think it’s a yes.

And H. would love to know which hair clippers you’d recommend to cut their lockdown locks (read more)? Waterproof ones so your locks-smith (see what I did there!) can use them in the garden if LockDown doesn’t lift soon!

There was a collective sigh of relief as news spread across Wandsworth Common that The Good Earth will be open for takeaways from this week (read more). Their crispy aromatic duck is a thing of beauty.

S. has created a self-isolation candle with a lime, basil and mandarin scent – it’s called Home Malone. I see what you did there! (read more) If this candle is a success and your studio candles bosses force you to make a sequel – don’t!

Guess who’s back? Back in town? Playball is back in action with small classes on the common from this week – get booking as they’ll fill up fast! (read more)

Need more lockdown inspiration? Families SW Magazine has gone online with its June issue and it’s full of great educational make and do projects, colour-in Father’s Day cards and more. Sign-up and you’ll be in a draw for a £250 bike voucher! (read more)

Who wants 20% off their Knoops morning coffee in June? Beat a path to their great store on St John’s Road – they’ve got it socially distance-sorted and you can see how on a short and sweet YouTube clip (read more).

And sticking with Knoops, the Knoopifier is a streamlined piece of kit for the kitchen which will keep you in delicious almost-mountain-made hot chocolate forever after. Our Managing Ed had a go recently and her husband was even more smitten than she was – perfect Father’s Day treat? (read more)

Windfall Natural on Northcote Road is now open for all your supplements as well as your pantry basics – they say they’ll be smiling behind their face masks! (read more)

And the same with Skylark, now open for walk-in orders, BBQ at weekends (come on sunshine!) and extended summer opening hours. Yay! (read more)

Two SW12ers have launched a new business, Rye Crust, selling DIY bread kits to make traditional Russian rye bread at home (read more).

If you’re looking for some recipe inspo, Ben boasts about pink eggs and avo (not Green Eggs & Ham then?) (read more).

D. has posted to say they help encourage children to eat healthily by sharing grandma’s recipes and several of you are interested – this lockdown has certainly tested the recipe bank! (read more)

J. would love to find an affordable female PT in the Balham area (read more).

S. is looking for a live-in au pair from mid-August (read more).

And August makes me think of holidays! Turquoise would love to help you organise your family’s trip for 2021 and are open for business with a brilliant range of family holidays on special offer (read more).


Here come those House & Garden posts!

Clara Bee has resumed full service operations as lockdown has eased so if you’re considering any aspect of a home renovation project (rip it all and start again? That’s lockdown talking..) then get in touch (read more).

T. is looking for a house to rent in Balham in the catchment of Chestnut Grove (read more).

And a little further afield, C. is looking for a place to rent for three months in Hampshire (read more)?

Another C. has a newly refurbished 3-bed flat with roof terrace available on a short let on Battersea Rise (read more).

2. would like to know if anyone has ever used a particular roofing firm (read more).

S. would like to find a carpenter to build bespoke wardrobes (read more).

And S. would also like to know who to use to affordably varnish wooden floors (read more).


We have more Schools posts than Twitter has Trump complaints

Coram Beanstalk would really appreciate 10 minutes of your time on a survey about children’s reading (read more).

A local school hit the nationals this week! A lovely picture of Broomwood pupils heading back to school headed The Guardian section on schools (read more).

J. would love to hear from anyone with children at the Eveline Day School (read more).

And L. asks whether Learning Ladder nursery is going to be opening again soon(read more)

At least 53 of the 64 primary schools in Wandsworth opened last week as part of the government’s Back to School plan for Reception, Y1 and Y6 (read more).

And the council has made the use of some outside space free for many schools to enable social distancing at playtime (read more).

Beatrix Potter and Fircroft feature in a video posted by the council about how they worked to make schools safe for children’s return (read more).

And plans to introduce safe ‘School Streets’ in front of several local schools including Hillbrook, Furzedown and Earlsfield have been fast-tracked (read more).

P. would love to buy some Eaton House The Manor girls’ school uniform if you have any going spare (read more)?

Box Hill School is Surrey is holding a virtual open day later this week (read more).

Exceptional Academics’ Saturday School is back online for Year 5s (read more).


For sale

Mokee scandi cot and mattress (read more).

Girls’ adjustable rollerblades and knee/elbow protective pads (read more).



Islabike Cnoc 16 (read more).

Baby changing unit, ideally with drawers, and matching cot (read more).



Annabel & the NappyValleyNet team 


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