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Replacing your doors or windows? It’s all in the detail, says Robert Ditcham of Ayrton Bespoke

A front door can say a lot about you: it represents you and your family; it protects you from the elements and keeps you safe; it welcomes loved ones and acquaintances old and new. It’s a first
impression of your home and according to Robert Ditcham, CEO at Ayrton Bespoke it offers the “biggest wow factor” too.

Ayrton Bespoke has specialised exclusively in the design, manufacture and skilled installation of period doors and windows since 2006 and has been in the property sector for well over 30
years. It is safe to say that they know what they are doing when it comes to period properties.

From early Georgian through to postwar and 1960s homes, they have seen it all, including the pitfalls people commonly find themselves in. Robert explains, “The challenge for most homeowners is that they are very unlikely to know a great deal about doors and windows because they are not items you buy every day. My advice is, make sure you do your research, spend time understanding the market and talk to several specialists to get a feel for what is important before you make a purchase. Don’t make a decision on price alone as there are so many important elements that go into making quality doors and windows that last a lifetime, and without them you may find yourself looking for replacements much sooner than expected.”

Whether you are replacing your doors and windows with like-for-like to recreate the period of the property, or you want something a little different to make you stand out from the crowd, Ayrton
Bespoke will oblige. Clients are spoilt for choice when it comes to design, from the general aesthetic down to the fine detail. “Some of our recent clients have asked for a contemporary twist on the
traditional,” smiles Robert, “selecting bright door colours and customised stained glass designs, or fantastical brass dragon knockers. Not too long ago, we did a nautical style door for a client, making it completely personal to them.”

Quite simply, every detail is customised, from the door handles, knockers and spyholes to the finishes and the glass panes. And if you don’t know your polished from your satin chrome or your brass from your antiquated, the team are on hand to talk through the options and discuss what is best for you and your home. Moreover, if clients don’t find exactly what they want in Ayrton Bespoke’s vast catalogue of furnishings, then they will source it for you.

For the traditionalists, Ayrton Bespoke replace period doors and windows seamlessly. They often work in conservation areas accurately matching and replacing original Victorian designs from intricate ironmongery to ornate stained glass. “We’re doing an old fire station in Herne Hill that’s locally listed, so it’s vital that we replace the windows sensitively and accurately,” adds Robert.
“We are replacing covered glazing bars, decorative grooves, outer boxes, and all the kind of details that most companies are just not equipped to do.”

But clients get far more than simply replacement period doors and windows, they get an upgrade with security very much at the core of all of Ayrton Bespoke’s work. The Victorian doors are
an inch thicker than the originals with weather seals, double glazing, security glass, Banham double locks and multipoint locks for the windows. They’ll even tailor your front door to accommodate a ring camera in the spyhole.

Front doors, French or folding back doors, sash or casement windows, Ayrton Bespoke do them all and according to their extensive five star Google reviews, they have a lot of exceedingly happy
customers across Nappy Valley. Pop into one of their London showrooms in Wandsworth, Dulwich or Crouch End and the friendly teams will demonstrate their work. From exquisite design to expert installation, comprehensive guarantees and aftercare, you can really make an entrance with Ayrton Bespoke.

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