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The pandemic has impacted our lives in so many ways, including the way we use our kitchens says Anna Sadej of Kitchen Connections.

At the heart of the home, kitchens have evolved into multi-functional working, schooling, playing, cooking, dining, entertaining and chill out zones, and we are spending more time than ever
in them. Anna Sadej, owner of Kitchen Connections highlights five long lasting ways kitchen design has changed over the last year.

Broken-plan kitchens:
Demand has shifted from open-plan kitchens to broken-plan kitchens. “We still keep that openness,” explains Anna, “but create clear zones for working and schooling, cooking and relaxing, with clever designs to define the areas or provide privacy by varying ceiling heights, wall colours, floor textures, or even using glass partitions, plants and furniture.”

More storage:
With so many people working from their kitchens, designers are being asked for clever storage solutions to tuck away work paraphernalia at the end of the day such as integrated storage space for laptops, notebooks, and even bigger islands. Pocket doors to hide away appliances are still popular and as the nation does more online bulk household shopping, walk-in pantries, larder units and ceiling height cupboards are more important than ever.

Better appliances:
A recent YouGov survey revealed that 27 million Brits took up baking in the first few months of lockdown as more of us flocked to the kitchen and our appliances went into overdrive. Anna says, “Customers want bigger and better quality fridges that can keep food fresh for longer, moisture-plus ovens which are particularly good for baking and self-clean ovens for ease.” And not forgetting this year’s kitchen must-have: the integrated induction hob and extractor, the latest innovation in kitchen design, not only for a sleek look but for a cleaner kitchen. The extractor hob draws off odours and grease particles directly from saucepans with minimal noise.

Covid-19 has turned us all into clean freaks and thanks to modern technology, we can now minimise the spread of germs with wi-fi operated ovens and dishwashers and motion sensor taps and soap dispensers reducing the need for touch. There are also antibacterial worktops in many different colours and textures.

Wine bars:
With the restrictions on pubs and bars, many are taking matters into their own hands. “We are getting more requests for bespoke bars with wine fridges and wine racks, with attractive glass shelving and mirrors to display glass and crystal ware,” smiles Anna.

With these lifestyle changes in mind, Anna has introduced a new handmade range to her Earlsfield showroom, manufactured locally and completely customised. With all this time spent at home, it seems people are more willing to invest in the extra touches that make kitchen life extra special for them.

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