A new way of Kitchen Living

Evolving layouts

The traditional kitchen triangle (cookersink- fridge), although still very efficient, has evolved into a kitchen square or even hexagon. With working-from-home becoming an ever more popular way of life, the need to upgrade our kitchens from just a place for meal preparation and cooking to a space where we work, socialise, cook, and play with our children, has become paramount.


Multi-functionality is key in the modern kitchen layout and a designer needs to consider this when planning. Dedicated workspace with charging points, from USBs to plugs, and storage to tuck away laptops is one of the most popular trends. Also on the rise is an area solely dedicated to tea and coffee preparation. With socialising moving into the kitchen, came the need for bigger kitchen islands, longer breakfast bars, built-in wine fridges, and generally more sitting space. And don’t forget our furry friends; pet ownership has increased and so space for our fourlegged friends is also a consideration

Bolder colour schemes

Green is still very much the name of the game. From forest greens to mint and sage greens, whatever the shade, green kitchens are having something of a moment. Associated with nature, wellness and sustainability, green creates feelings of calm and positivity. Customers are increasingly brave when choosing colour schemes for their kitchens, often combining two contrasting shades (light on the units, dark on the island, for example) to give the space a bespoke and sophisticated look. Yellow and earthy tones are also very popular.

Flooring and texture

Modern kitchen flooring needs to be more durable with the increased traffic it must withstand. Wood is still a very popular choice, not only as a natural material but also as an ideal partner to green and earthy colour schemes. Parquet and herringbone flooring is the latest trend. Terracotta flooring is also having a comeback with its nod to retro styling. On the rise are bold marble, granite and quartz for worksurfaces, valued not only for their colours but also for their durability. They offer great contrast with greens as well as making quite a statement with both their look and quality

Spotlight on lighting

Just as the kitchen layout evolved, so too did the kitchen light. We left behind the lonely central lighting feature in the middle of the ceiling and replaced it with layered lighting that works all day long. Spotlights for focused working, undercounter lighting to illuminate the cabinets, and decorative pendants over the kitchen island for ambience, are all very popular choices.

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