It’s all in the service

Simply has carefully created a customer journey that ensures clients have a positive experience at every stage of their project. From the initial conversation with the customer services team, to the surveyors who provide ideas and solutions as well as the latest design trends, to the architects, builders and project managers who bring them to life, clients have a point of contact every step of the way. They receive a welcome pack on what to expect across the build and a list of contacts to call. Their phone lines are open from 8am to 8pm and on Saturdays until 2pm, so there is always someone to talk to. “We really want to give our clients their dream homes,” says Helen Wood. “So, we listen to their aspirations and their concerns, and we advise them. Sometimes clients come armed with architectural plans or images from magazines of what they want, but they don’t always have the budget. We work together to save in places and splurge in others, or to swap materials and designs to create the look they want within their budget.” Owner Robert Wood and his team have even devised an intuitive online dashboard.

All the documents including the contracts, planning permissions and architectural plans are there as well as a timeline which flags up any anticipated delays that can be resolved early. A new app is in the pipeline, making the transfer of information and communication run even more smoothly. As well as a dedicated project manager who talks regularly with clients on every aspect of the build, the Operations Director spot checks properties. With a wealth of experience in the building trade, he will step in if any problems arise to ensure that they are resolved swiftly. In addition, every client gets regular check-up calls from their customer services team. Simply aims to take the stress out of the design and build. They have an extensive network of builders and tradespeople who are all rigorously vetted, trained and monitored so that every client receives top quality workmanship.

Everything from the communications to the pricing is transparent. The team provides a fixed price at the start of the build, so clients don’t end up with a project that spirals into unforeseen costs. Their formula is simple: to make high quality design and build more accessible for homeowners, whilst providing a safe pair of hands at every stage. The final icing on the cake is a visit from your surveyor with your building warranties and a bottle of champagne to celebrate the end of one journey and the start of the next in your new home.

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