Children’s rooms can be made over easily for relatively little, providing a magical space for their imaginations to develop as they play with friends, snuggle for a bedtime story with you or daydream away.

Have fun with their rooms – use different colours to elsewhere in your home and embrace their youth with a spirit of adventure. But when it comes to your room, it’s got to be hotel-style luxury every time.

1. While they’re very young, a calm, muted colour palette creates a restful environment, as beloved by Piccolo & Co. We can’t promise it will get them sleeping through, but it’ll soothe you during the night feeds. 2. Colourful, pretty wall murals, like these used by Emma Green Design, add colour and character to a room, sparking games and role play. 3. Have fun with furniture the Loaf way – why not have a desk as a house? 4.  A doll’s house that’s a bedside table courtesy of Dragons of Walton Street5. Keep early morning sunrises away from little sleepers with Ayrton shutters.


6. Loaf has made a bed that’s fun and lives up to its name – Clamberdoodle – because you clamber up the ladder into it and it has a blackboard on the end to doodle on. 7. For teenagers, go smart, simple and chic. This Eton range from Dragons of Walton Street feels like a good place to start thinking about the future. 8. Play with different surfaces in teen spaces to give their room the edge, such as these Potter Perrin tiles.


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