Ayrton Bespoke : Considering New Windows and Doors?

Here’s what to ask… When thinking about any home refurbishment, take a moment to consider the windows and doors. They’re the nuts and bolts of a home and warrant time and investment. They play a crucial role in keeping heat in and crooks out, as well as being compatible with the style of your home. Robert Ditcham, founder of Ayrton Bespoke, has some good advice

Why should I buy from a recognised window and door specialist and not through my builder?

Would you buy fish at the butchers? This is a specialist area, just like sourcing kitchens, bathrooms, heating and electrical solutions, or even swimming pools! You need to know what a product is capable of delivering for you, and for how long.

Replacement or refurbishment?

It’s difficult to imagine how you can patch up something over 130 years old. Decay and movement will compromise a job and leave it only half done. Rather like an old car, this option will keep costing you money. The best advice is to do nothing until you are in a position to do the job properly. So wait and then replace, don’t refurbish.

How do I know what to pay? I’ve had so many different quotes

We will match anyone on price. Our manufacturing base is in Lithuania where skills are high but rent and wages are low. We source top-quality, slow-growing, engineered redwood from Latvian forests, which means it’s stable, strong and resilient. We buy glass and paint from the best producers in the world and employ first-class fitters to do a sympathetic and outstanding job in your home. If you are tempted by low prices, the reality is the product will not be able to do the job you are expecting it to do.

Should I visit a showroom or can I order online?

To truly understand the extent and quality of Ayrton Bespoke’s range, it’s worth the short trip to our showroom in Wandsworth where our in-house experts can answer your questions and design your bespoke windows and doors. The rule of thumb is: if you haven’t seen it, don’t buy it. Would you buy a car without seeing it? It’s around the same price!

Isn’t it better for me to use a small, local joiner?

Would you only buy a bathroom made in south-west London? Ayrton is a British business based in Wandsworth but with satisfied customers Londonwide. This reach and capability provides scale to offer a comprehensive service from design through to aftercare and to attract the best people. When we were small we were not as good as we are now!

“To say I’m pleased is an understatement! They are fantastic. The windows were in a real state with no sills. These are solid, soundproof and real quality, and have been expertly installed.”

“I can’t recommend this company highly enough. They are totally brilliant. We had three sash windows replaced and they are superbly made and fitted. Much quieter and smoother-operating than any windows we have ever had.”

Should I expect my windows to be guaranteed?

All Ayrton windows and doors are guaranteed for up to 30 years. Remember, timber is a natural product and over time it will move or be moved. A scaled business with a professional aftercare team assures our customers they will always be in good hands.

How can windows and doors keep my property safe?

Double-glazed windows are tougher than single-glazed and given a wide berth by society’s undesirables. Every window and door we sell has security in mind. All our products come fitted with insurance-backed locks.

When you say ‘bespoke’, can you do anything I need?

Yes. From carefully replacing a one-piece, seven-casement Edwardian bay,to replicating a grand sash bay or installing stunning multi-fold doors, our team will meet the challenge with precision, accuracy and with the Ayrton quality guarantee.

“Wow wow wow! The entire experience from survey, quotation, scheduling and the work has been professional and without fuss. The guys on site were polite, did an amazing job and left the place exactly as I would’ve hoped. The windows look amazing and I’m so pleased.”

Do you sell anything else?

A slightly less known fact is that we sell plantation shutters. Perfect partners for our lovely windows!

How do I know you’re as good as you say you are?

We try and let our customers answer that one! The truth is 20% of our business is from existing customers and another 20% is from referrals. Added to that, we have more positive Google reviews than any other London timber window and door company.

Website: ayrtonbespoke.com
Telephone: 020 8877 8920
Email Address: enquiries@ayrtonbespoke.com
Address: 406 Merton Road, Wandsworth, London SW18 5AD

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