• Best in Class Homes
    Homeowners of Nappy Valley are turning their homes into stunning spaces thanks to the architects, interior designers and, in most cases, the planning authorities says Gillian Upton.
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  • Living in Nappy Valley
    Anna White, the property writer for The Telegraph, charts the improving south-west London housing market and finds a clutch of new luxury neighbourhoods alongside value pockets.
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  • Design Trends
    Stylish Home Ideas : Do It In Style, keep up with all that’s hot in the design world with these stylish ideas for your home, says Gillian Upton
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  • Dual Purpose Rooms
    When Two Become One : Georgina Blaskey discovers the innovative ways to make rooms in your home work doubly hard for you.
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  • Selling Your Home
    Style to Sell – Move On Up : Georgina Blaskey shares her top tips on how to clinch the sale of your home and move to pastures new
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  • Improve Don’t Move
    The combination of mortgage rates and stamp duty costs is pushing more families to upgrade their homes rather than move.
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  • Bespoke: Like Nothing Else
    More and more homeowners are turning their backs on off-the-shelf items in favour of hand-crafted bespoke pieces to fill their lovingly restored homes
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  • Storage Solutions
    Making Room : Georgina Blaskey presents storage solutions to make the most of every nook and cranny and to ensure your home stays clutter-free
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  • Financing the Refurb
    On The Money : Securing the funds for your planned refurbishment should be the first step you take on the road to your dream home, says Gillian Upton
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  • Neighbourly Etiquette
    You only have to glance at NappyValleyNet to see that neighbourly issues are an often discussed topic. Charlotte Peterson explores
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  • Two years ago we published the very first NappyValleyNet Design & Build Guide.

    Our aim was to produce an inspiring, yet local guide packed full of insight and knowledge to empower you to create gorgeous living spaces in our wonderful corner of London.
    And now I find myself writing the introduction to the 2018 guide – something I could only have dreamed of back in 2016!This year’s guide is, yet again, bigger and (I hope you’ll agree) better than previous years.

    The political slings and arrows may have added to our urge to stay put and improve rather than move as the amount of digging, extending, rebuilding and redesigning has not abated. You will find all the ideas and inspiration to turn these dreams of improvement into your very own reality.I would also like to take this opportunity to thank the businesses and individuals who have contributed. Their expertise, advice and support have been invaluable.Finally, thank you to Marsh & Parsons, Portico and Rampton Baseley, who regular followers will recognise as our long term property partners. Their insight and local knowledge has shaped a great number of the following pages. As ever, do please let us know how we might improve in 2019, and in the meantime, enjoy!

    Warmest Wishes
    The London Magazine Company Ltd.

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