Project : Kids’ Bedrooms

Fun times are to be had in children’s bedrooms. Our favourite design touch has to be the mid-sleepers that combine climbing upstairs to bed with wonderful storage options. Bedrooms are great spaces in which children can truly express themselves and showcase their passions – it doesn’t have to be naff. From football murals for sports junkies to cloudy skies for day-dreamers, let them inspire you and allow all your imaginations to run wild!

In a small space a mid-sleeper is the perfect storage and sleeping solution – Stanza Interior Design.

Create interest on their walls with two-toned paintwork – Stanza Interior Design.

Bold colours work in this light-filled loft bedroom –Qualitas.

An ideal wallpaper for all dinosaur lovers – Clara Bee.

Playhouse, slide, bed and storage in one – this tree house in the clouds is every child’s dream – By Ensoul.

Stylish wallpaper in bold brights works well in a child’s room – Dyer Grimes Architecture

Feel free to encourage their inner Van Gogh with this colour-in wallpaper – By Ensoul.

Vintage wallpaper leaves on this metallic tree makes a charming mural for this baby’s bedroom – Emma Green Design

A small, long room benefits from a mid-sleeper – Good London Builders

Bring their passions home with bespoke artwork – By Ensoul.

A small window seat has library corner appeal – Eclectic Interiors.