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Undertaking a building project of any size is a big commitment. It’s your home, your money and your time at stake and all deserve to be in safe hands. Enter Simply Construction Group – an extension, loft and basement design and build specialist managed by husband-and-wife team, Robert and Helen Wood, since 2007. They pride themselves on simplifying the building process for London families looking to improve their homes, with a strong emphasis on customer care

Taking the stressful unknowns out of any building project is Simply’s aim, thanks to their extensive experience and client-focused approach, guiding clients through their projects via meetings, phone calls and a bespoke online dashboard, offering total transparency and tracking of a build.

Whether it’s your side return, loft or basement, the Simply team can deliver all three to equally high standards. For advice on which sliding doors to go for in your open-plan kitchen, the best underfloor heating system in a basement or whether a wet room is a good idea in a loft, Simply will outline the prices and pitfalls of everything, with the direct, considered approach their clients value.


Just one company
With both design and construction in the hands of one firm, there is a single point of responsibility for quality, cost and keeping on schedule. Much more attention and care is usually taken when considering aspects such as pricing and scheduling in the design phase if the same team and company will be building your project.

Faster project completion
It will usually take longer and cost more to separate a project into design and building phases and have them managed by separate companies and contractors – especially when both a loft and ground floor extension or basement are being carried out at the same time – as there are more people, steps and payment requests required. With just one company in charge, materials can be ordered early in the process, enabling construction time to be minimised.

Quality control
When using a design and build specialist, quality control comes under the same umbrella, and runs from the start to the finish of a project. A streamlined process cuts out disputes between designers and builders and carries less risk for clients.

Fixed prices and clarity of costs
Cost information is developed in parallel with the preliminary design, and once established, the project team guides the design within the agreed budget constraints meaning no costly surprises.

At Simply Construction Group, the architectural team in charge of designing to client briefs is licensed with formal architectural training and experience. They also understand the group’s pricing structure and will ensure the design does not exceed the fixed priced cost. So the cohesion of Simply Construction Group’s umbrella offering,
from planning and design to working with carefully vetted construction teams towards project completion, brings plans and designs to life.

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