Countdown to Success

Your dream home is within reach but there are still a few more hurdles to go through before it comes to fruition.

Once you’ve decided that you want to re-design or extend your home, the hard part begins: finding the right supplier to do the job and that can be a challenge. If you’re not moving out for the build, you need to choose a supplier that you get on with, as well as being competent in the required skillset

The gold standard is to ask friends and neighbours for recommendations, check their body of work, talk to past clients and view actual projects they have completed. It’s advisable to check their credentials, insurances and any accreditations they may have too.

NappyValleyNet runs its own accreditation scheme for suppliers, indicated by a logo (see key opposite)

Finally, make the arrangement legal and binding through a contract. This must stipulate completion date, payment schedule and who has a responsibility if subcontractors fail to deliver. Remember to agree to any changes or additional costs in writing.

On the following 15 pages you’ll find an exhaustive list of suppliers categorised by their specialism. Good Luck


• Good project management will help you with the timing and overview of your project

• Help with delivery arrangements for the larger ‘kerbside delivery only’ consignments

• Liaison with third parties•Communication with your neighbours

• Help with sourcing not only the main products but also the support products, the absence of which at the right time can bring a project to an expensive standstill

• Ensuring that insurance suitable for your project is in place

• Being available when you may not be to address any issues as they arise

• Expert advice on compatibility of different products, plans and integration

•Ensuring completion on time and within budget, including managing additional items both cost and time wise

• Project management is vital and done well by experts will more than cover its cost.

Source: Red Box



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