It’s all about teamwork

Make sure that you are in safe hands when you embark upon a building project. Husband and wife team Robert and Helen Wood of the Simply Construction Group pride themselves on eliminating the angst out of the process by keeping communication lines open at all times.

Embarking on any kind of building work can be stressful. There are so many unknowns at the start of a project and it can feel like a leap of faith. How long will it take? How much will it cost? Will there be any surprises and how should we prepare for that? The first step to a harmonious build is finding a team you can talk to and trust.

Simply Construction Group, including its separate arms Simply Loft, Simply Extend and more recently Simply Basement, have been delivering the highest standard of building work since 2008.

Originally set up by husband-and-wife team Robert and Helen Wood, they have successfully completed over 800 projects to date in and across London including the Nappy Valley area.

Nurturing their relationship with every client is at the heart of what they do – every team has a dedicated project manager to oversee the day-to-day running of the build and at head office is their customer service manager, Marion Evans.


Every client can expect a regular call from her to check everything is running smoothly. Marion and other members of the team visit all work-in-progress sites and spot check for quality and tidiness, reporting any findings back to the project manager if necessary. She keeps track of the builders and chases anything outstanding, as well as providing a friendly voice on the end of the phone for any questions or queries.

Robert, the owner of the firm, has developed a user-friendly dashboard system which allows their clients to follow the project with complete transparency. The system invites the client, architect, project manager and builder, to the dashboard where all the admin is stored and updated.

The tender documents and specifications are there – this helps with communication and makes sure everyone is accountable, meaning less chance of mistakes on site. There’s a timeline to show when deadlines have been met and flash up any delays to the architect and project management team.

There’s a payment milestone tracker so invoices can go out at key stages and receipts can be stored, providing the reassurance that all transactions have been tracked and logged correctly.

Finally, there’s an opportunity for additional variations, which can be agreed upfront with the project manager, so there are no unexpected costs presented at the end. A handy snag list tracker is available for Simply clients to use at the completion of the project to ensure all the minor snags are finished and completed properly.

Simply specialise in lofts, extensions and basements, so if you have multiple additions in mind, they can do everything; in fact they are currently working on a triple conversion (loft, extension and basement conversion) in Battersea at the time of writing this.

This means there’s only one timescale to work to, one insurance company to deal with and a cost-saving benefit by using one team so less streams of communication to manage. Building works can be nerve-racking and easily cost more and take longer, but with Simply, you’re on the same team, delivering the best project possible and with no unpleasant surprises.



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