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For a unique front door – in keeping with your home but with all the modern benefits – it has to be Ayrton Bespoke

As well as creating an attractive, warmer welcome to your home, your front door is also your first line of security. Since 1987, Ayrton Bespoke has been manufacturing and fitting elegant, timber, durable front doors that combine beautiful design with reliable features.


“Part of the architectural splendour of Victorian houses are the front doors and we appreciate them as a stylish element of London properties,” explains Robert Ditcham, CEO of Ayrton Bespoke. “With people staying put a stunning, safe and insulating new front door is now firmly on the wish list of our customers. We can accurately replicate the original door, including joinery features and stained glass, without compromising security.” Artisan glass is incorporated into laminated double-glazed units as strong as car windscreens, so it’s secure and strong, with a new door thickness of 65mm as standard, up from the Victorian 45mm. The timber used by Ayrton is guaranteed against rot for 30 years, with glass and door furniture all fully warranted. The hardwood cills all have steel weather bars for inward opening door protection.


“We only use Banham locks, with a combination of latch and two deadlocks on every door for uncompromising added security,” Robert adds. “We never sell just the door leaf, we replace the entire frame and its surroundings. The frame has to be an equal partner in terms of strength and weather proofing and it’s simply a very bad idea to buy one without the other. Let’s face it, you would not put a new door on an old safe surely?”

“The service from Ayrton from the start has been very good. The installers were excellent in their timing, efficiency, communication and in tidying up”



“Our designers work with our customers to produce drawings that capture every detail of the new door, right down to the positioning of the spy hole!” says Robert. “Typically we match stained glass patterns to originals or in some cases have added personal touches for our clients. Dual paint finish, colour matching, unlimited options on door furniture and finish… The team will suggest many ideas including incorporating door numbering (in any font!) into the top light and other useful products, such as specific-sized letterboxes with guards in the inside to stop hands being able to go through to steal keys, for example.”


The controlled, professional factory set-up run by experienced craftsmen who are experts in their field ensures a smooth manufacturing process. “Painting and joinery require different conditions and skills so we ensure our teams have the right environment to meet our high standards,” Robert explains. “By manufacturing in Lithuania, we can have premium materials for our wood, glass, paint and furniture, without compromising on manufacturing, and can deliver a best in class affordable product.”


Ayrton has completed its staff recruitment strategy of full employment, including the installations team. “No-one wants a lovely door fitted badly” says Robert. “And if you don’t know your team, it’s going to happen. It means the teams are qualified, able-bodied, consistent and nice to have around – we know all of them and they are a reliable workforce.” Typically the first fit happens in a day, after which your house is secure, and the team may return the second day for a second fit.


A front door undergoes some pretty hardcore treatment. It’s often slammed shut by our smaller humans and exposed to all the elements by Mother Nature. “Movement of timber at certain times, when it’s particularly damp or hot, is not unusual and even the very best timber doors may require some adjustment,” says Robert. “This is all part of our aftercare package. Locks may be tight at the start, but as we use three-dimensional hinges we can make quick adjustments even with marginal movement. With 12 Ayrton installation teams out and about every day in London, we are never far away from you.”

“Thank you for a brilliant job. The windows and door exceed our expectations in all areas. They are beautifully made, and the installation was made as painless as possible by a team who excelled in skill, attention to detail, hard work and cleanliness”


Visit one of the Ayrton showrooms in East Dulwich or Wandsworth to see the wide range of front doors, hardware and locks available and one of the friendly, knowledgeable team will be able to talk you through your options.



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