‘Hanging Around’ with Design & Technology pupils at Dulwich College

Last Updated on : 12th July 2018

A level pupils studying Design & Technology at Dulwich College put on their end of year show to a delighted audience. On display were works designed and created by the pupils as part of their final projects. Guests at the annual Founder’s Day also had the opportunity to see the Department’s Exhibition and to try out some of the pieces for themselves.

Visitors to the D&T ‘Summer Garden’ themed stall could relax on a variety of seats made by the A level students whilst soaking up the day’s sunny atmosphere. Parents and pupils particularly enjoyed sampling the ‘Sling Garden Chair’ designed by pupil Sam Thomas. Sam’s adjustable chair has the comfort of a hammock, but is as portable as any garden seat – perfect for an afternoon snooze! Sam hopes his chair will go into production, helping to support him as he begins his degree in Architecture.

Anyone wishing for further information about Sam’s chair or other pieces from the end of year show, can contact Mr James Humphrey : HumphreyJS@dulwich.org.uk

Parents and guests admire and try out the ‘Sling Garden Chair’ for themselves at the recent Founder’s Day

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