Did I see your lazy nanny? Coping with noisy neighbours. Cat dunked in oil?

Last Updated on : 9th July 2018

Dear NappyValleyNetter,

Massive apologies!

Last week I *meant* to link to a story about a local mugging but, in my haste to check drop the link in the email, I actually went back to a story from 2014.

Here is the link I SHOULD have posted (read more). and, even more worryingly, recent news of another moped robbery in broad daylight on Chatham Road (read more).

Thank you to everyone who pointed out my error and I’ll do my best to ensure it doesn’t happen again.


Here is what you’ve been talking about on NappyValleyNet…

It’s a bit of a bad news week, I’m afraid, a local 10 year old boy was taunted by a pickup driver who encouraged him to cross in front of the van on Wakehurst Road and then sped by (read more). Might you know the driver?

S. was concerned after seeing a nanny at a playgroup on her phone the entire time rather than interacting with her charge (read more). Do you know the day dreaming day carer, she asks?

Another not-very-happy story: S. thinks her cat may have been dunked in oil – any similar experiences? (read more)

Ellsbells wonders if there are areas of SW London which are a little quieter than her very noisy neighbourhood? (read more)

OK, onto happier news, as a doctor in the NHS for the last 25 years 1D. has posted a tribute on a blog (read more). Well said that Doctor!

And a different S. has posted details of the retail rent for Balham High Road and suggests it might be why the high street is in so much trouble (read more). £60k? Wowzer!

On a happier note, T. has posted a link to Jason Atherton’s favourite south London eateries with some names you’ll know well (read more). Whaddaya mean Kebab King isn’t on it???

And on an even happier note, the week has arrived! It’s the Northcote Road Summer Fete on Sunday – woo hoo! (read more) It’s a day for balloons, ice cream and to watch Brits lose at tennis – I LOVE traditions like these! As an extra treat we even have a map of the whole event here! (read more)

And from one great British institution to another: T. has posted a link to the BBC on what school reports say and what they really mean(read more). Mr NVN’s just said “could try”. He didn’t even get the harder bit!

M. posts to say that a much loved precious toy is missing in action on Garfield Road – any sightings? (read more)

H. would love party venue ideas in SW11 and SW4 for a three year old (read more). The first person to suggest Bunga Bunga is banned for life!

Seems like there’s quite some demand for learning how to style girls’ hair – new business, anyone?! I was particularly good at a backcombed quiff, back in the day…(read more).

A. asked about pop-up venues and has had some helpful replies pop up (read more). Boom boom!

Roving foodie Rob visited The Good Earth. Was it good, I hear you ask? (read more)

W. asks if you’d be happy to host a Mandarin class for toddlers in your home? (read more)

S. wonders where’s best to get your ears pierced locally? (read more) In your ears. That’s the best place.

T. says that a well-known stationery shop on Northcote Road will be shutting soon – many a child will be sad (read more) Noooooo!

S. is trying to decide between Earlsfield and Isleworth – any advice?  I can probably guess which way we’re going to try to persuade! (read more)

C is moving abroad and wonders which charity might like their towels and linens?(read more). Haberdashers? Ooooh I’m on fire today!

G. would love to join in on a (grown-up) cricket match in the Wandsworth area from time to time – any teams with spaces out there? (read more) Now there is a Dads one somewhere – I think they’re ex-Thomas’s. Any ideas?

SP wonders if anyone heard from Elodie Maxwell, of the bodice ripping novel fame? (read more).

Travel Designers would love to open a pop-up partnership with a local existing business  – would yours have synergy? (read more)

We launched some lovely new offers and competitions last week – try your hand at winning or just snap up all sorts of tempting offers including a £1500 voucher towards your basement with Estbury or tickets to the West End’s summertime production of We’re Going on a Bear Hunt for just £10 (read more).


We have more House & Garden than Sweden has tears! (I wrote this last Friday so it might not be true!)

Roundhouse bespoke design has written some helpful advice for anyone considering a new kitchen in a new extension with some pictures to give you plenty of inspiration and/or kitchen envy! (read more)

L.’s original post asking how to get your builder to come back to fix their mistakes has been viewed 800 times – it’s obviously struck a chord! (read more)

Lots of discussion about the state of the housing market in Nappy Valley (read more).

E. asks where to get bunk beds from (read more).

R. is looking for a builder to sort out their patio with tiles, fencing and built-in benches (read more).

And B. is looking for a builder to sort out their small back garden in Battersea.Sounds like R&B are looking for the same thing….(read more).

C. is after a firm to help with their EPC rating for letting purposes (read more).

A. has some office space available in a new showroom on the Fulham Road (High Street end!) (read more).


We have more Schools posts than England has tears! (I wrote this on Friday so it might not be true!)

A. posted to ask about Emanuel which has led to an interesting discussion on how tough London Day Schools can be to get into (read more).

Cranleigh Prep has just celebrated the opening of a state-of-the-art building for design, art, sciences and food technology (read more).

And a date for your diary – Streatham & Clapham High School is holding a Parents’ Seminar on the subject of Early Talk, looking at speech and language of those under seven (read more).

M.’s question about Fledgling on the Common has prompted some positive feedback (read more).

Exceptional Academics are running a 13+ Booster Course over the summer holidays(read more).

Somerset Nursery in Wandsworth still has some spaces for 2 year olds and it’s rated Outstanding (read more).


We have more Travel posts than Konta has tears! (I wrote this on Friday so I know it’s true)

F. has a house near the Dorset coast that sleeps 10 with a special offer for us (read more). L123 would love any glamping suggestions (read more). L.’s post about small family villa recommendations has come up with a few ideas (read more). There’s a last minute week available in Boscastle which sleeps 7 (read more). We’ve got some great exclusive offers for you from Club Med, Nielson, Kuoni and more via Travel Designers in our latest batch of offers (read more).


We have more Situations Vacant than Germany (I could have written this weeks ago and it would still be true!)

Morgan Randall is looking for a Saturday receptionist based in south-west London (read more)Graduate intern opportunities in a travel start-up in Wandsworth (read more)PA to the Head of a secondary school, term times plus three weeks (read more). Travel Designers are looking for a new part-time ‘Travel Designer’ to join their team in Balham (read more).


For sale

Oak guest bed with truckle (read more). Maxi Micro deluxe scooter in black/orange (read more). Bugaboo Bee 3 (read more). Puky Bike 12″ in red (read more).



Lascal Maxi Buggyboard (read more). Two baby travel safety gates (read more).



Phew, that’s it, have a fabby (short) week!


Annabel and the NappyValleyNet team

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