Division of domestic labour – partner rubbish?

Last Updated on : 17th October 2022


Dear NappyvalleyNetter,


With autumn well underway, and the heating well under-down, the eldest agreed it was time I bought her a new jumper.

Many hours and several shops later, we finally found an item which wasn’t minuscule and didn’t cost two thousand pounds.

It was a cardigan which my little fashionista deigned to try on because, “it’s cool and baggy with a thrift-shop vibe.”

Flushed with unexpected success, and despite there being no sign of a price tag which is never a good sign, I went to pay.

Trotting off to the till I was interrupted by an angry woman appearing magician-like from behind a clothes rail, wearing only a bra.

Demanding that we return the cardigan she’d worn from home.


Here’s what you’ve been talking about this week on NappyValleyNet:

A. asks how fairly household responsibilities are shared between you and your partner? This has certainly detonated some interesting responses. Looks like women are fully loaded whilst their other halves are…well…rubbish? (read more)

W. has just moved ‘between the commons’ and wants to know how many trick-or-treaters to expect on Halloween? Oooh I thought I remembered from last year but it turns out I just had Deja-Boo! (read more)

B.’s post about builders overusing their loo still hasn’t flushed away but R. explains that even the Royals have this problem (read more). For avoidance of doubt this is a Princess Margaret story and nothing to do with Thomas’s!

Northwood Schools, one of London’s leading groups of Pre-Prep and Prep schools, will unite under one name and one brand from September 2023 – Broomwood (read more).

A long thread about bedwetting has had a very useful update. Supergran has posted about a charity which really helped her family (read more). Thank you!

The proposal to end the Summer closure of Northcote Road has met with some shops and restaurants on Battersea Rise welcoming the end of the road closure (read more). Oooh, a little jealous of all that summer-nights footfall methinks!

And C. has added to L.’s original thread about the petition to keep Northcote traffic free all summer – it seems that the situation may be more political than pedominical – I may have made that last word up (read more).

Fed up with foxes? R. certainly is and has posted an old article about ways to get rid of the pesky bin-wreckers – not sure that shooting them ‘is’ legal in Wandsworth though (read more)?

J. is looking for someone to help out with her daughter’s morning and afternoon nursery run (read more). They go RUNNING at nursery now? Wow – that’s pretty hardcore!

There’s been lots of great advice for M. who asked about getting a prepaid, payment card for her Nanny – thank you all (read more).

And thank you for all the great suggestions for T.’s request for local brunch venues – our egg soldiers salute you! (read more)

R. has a new Canadian au pair and would like to organise a meet up for her with other au pairs in the area (read more). G’day Cobber!

Bake off challenge! C. has packed her bakeware away for a move and so is looking for someone to make a cake for their son’s 1st Birthday (read more). Get a ‘Charles the Caterpillar’ cake! It’s modelled on King Charles and the ears means there’s a TON of extra icing.

We’ve got the scoop! Jefferson’s have just announced their new Autumn menu and lucky old us got a taste – we can confirm that it’s a world ‘conkering’ feast of flavours! (read more)

Win a fab family day out at Frameless, a brand new immersive, multi-dimensional art experience close to Marble Arch – get yourself in the picture! (read more)

Our lovely friends at Amelie’s Follies are marking Breast Cancer Awareness month by bringing back their raffle. There are fabulous prizes to be won so grab your tickets between now and the 19th November (read more). Love the ‘Follies!

Meanwhile the NHS Blood & Transplant Service has issued its first Amber alert as blood supplies have run down to a dangerous low. Donors are being urged to donate blood at the St George’s Hospital Donor Centre (read more). Please do help if you can!

Not Sleeping, exhausted and menopausal? You’re not alone! In this article, Dr Sam Brown, from The Bronte Clinic, explains that are things you can do to help you get a better night’s sleep (read more).


We have more House & Garden posts than the government has U-turns:

Roundhouse, a local, award-winning Kitchen & Furniture company, are all about beautiful, functional design for easy living. This month they tackle clutter – it’s all about Storage, Storage, Storage(read more) T. has shared an article suggesting that property prices look set to fall by 10% which has received a mixed response – some feel that it won’t hit NappyValley whilst others feel that the outlook is far from rosy (read more). M. would like more information about infrared heating before committing to installing it (read more). D. is looking for some expert help in shortening curtains and R. has already come up with some great suggestions – thank you! (read more) S. is looking for a company to do a home insulation assessment and carry out any necessary work – this one’s a ‘hot’ topic! (read more) Got any old bikes? XO Bikes, a charity training ex-offenders to become mechanics, would love to take them off your hands (read more).

Looking for a new place to call home?

We have all the local homes ‘for sale’ and ‘to rent’ with school catchments all mapped out (read more). For sale with Portico is a 2-bedroom flat within walking distance of Clapham North and Clapham High Street (read more). For sale with Rampton Baseley is a 5-bedroom family home just off Clapham Common (read more). For sale with Marsh & Parsons is a 3-bedroom family home on the ever-popular Shaftesbury Estate (read more). For sale with John Thorogood is a handsome 4-bedroom Victorian family home off Clapham Common Westside (read more).

We have more Schools posts than people who understand Gilt markets:

The Independent Schools Show has announced the launch of their 2022 Bursary and Scholarship Pavilion – pay them a visit for life-changing opportunities (read more)Exceptional Academics still have a couple of spaces left on their online 11+ course (read more). K. is looking for a Biology, Chemistry and Maths tutor for their daughter who has just transferred into Year 12 from a French school (read more). M. is wondering if others living around Wandsworth Common are considering an application to Garden House School or any other schools located slightly further away than the usual? (read more) Early Bird booking is open for Confident Revision’s fun and supportive Year 5 revision course for 11+ at Belleville School – be quick and get those worms! (read more) Belleville Primary School will be holding Open Days on the 2nd and 3rd November (read more). More feedback on Honeywell School’s new OFSTEAD rating with a very detailed, factual summary from H. (read more). Plenty of wise advice for C. who asked about the 2025 list for Thomas’ Reception (read more)Exceptional Academics still have a couple of spaces left on their online 11+ course (read more). Only 2 morning places left at Nightingale Tutors’ Half Term English 11+ revision course (read more) S. has added to an older thread looking for up-to-date feedback on Burntwood School (read more). V. is looking for a co-ed/boys’ school in the Woking Area and would particularly like feedback on Parkside in Cobham (read more).


Situations Vacant

Kitchen assistant at Dolphin School (read more)Senior Account Manager and Account Manager roles at SW12 communications Agency (read more).


For sale

Sofology Swivel chair (read more). Solid wood sideboard (read more).



Annabel and NappyValleyNet Team

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