Dog Fights Fox in Kitchen. Nanny constantly ill and now wants sick pay.

Last Updated on : 15th July 2013
“Are you going to say yes?”fox
The question from the audience was completely unexpected.
Because of work Mr NappyValleyNet speaks at a large number of events and last Thursday was no exception.
Presenting to over 250 people, he was half-way through his usual spiel, when he was ambushed with this question from a member of the audience.
“Errrr, say yes to what?” he replied.
He is often confused at work but this time, he told me later, he was pretty sure he hadn’t missed anything.
“Your child” continued the ambush-er in the audience “are you going to say yes to the request?”
This brought giggles from the crowd and it was then that he looked at the screen behind and realised that whilst he had been talking his Skype connection had fired up and our youngest, on her school holidays, had ambushed him from home
The entire audience could see her typing as his laptop was relayed across five displays in the conference hall.
“Helloo Daddy” started the message.
“I hope you are having a nice day” it continued.
“Please can I have a puppy?”
“Mummy really grumpy.”
Here’s what you’ve been talking about on NappyValleyNet (Wandsworth):
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LittleBlackBear would like to hire a camper van for the weekend. Can you recommend a London based lender of marvellous motorhomes?…click here for details 
This post is brilliant, thank you for the top spot Nanny S! It’s normally Mr NappyValleyNet who says he loves Holly Willoughby but now it’s my turn! Thank you!…click here for details
Last week’s thread about using a baby monitor in a hotel has morphed into a full blown discussion about leaving children on their own. A wide range of views…click here for details
We LOVE Sammy Duder and they have a venue available for parties or classes on a Thursday. Dude that’s amazing!…click here for details
BBQ’s are now allowed in two Wandsworth Parks. Fire up the Weber and grab yourself some charred cuisine!…click here for details
Did you give birth in the Lindo Wing? A national newspaper will pay you if you did and are prepared to share…click here for details
We have never had this type of post before! Celebrant is an, err, a celebrant and wants to make themselves available for baby-naming ceremonies…click here for details
Bamse is looking for a mole removal here for details
Dailymail is a strange username but that aside she is moving to South Park Gardens in Wimbledon. However she doesn’t have a nursery/childminder, can you recommend a local one?…click here for details
Sabz has just found out her 2.5 year old needs glasses. Can we have a lovely personal recommendation for an awesome optician?…click here for details
Kidswithadhd is also looking for recommendations. This time for an educational psychologist to meet with her 9 year old after the summer holidays…click here for details
Quibly are new and have a top idea. A website about covering everything from the best Apps and safe surfing. They’re aiming to make the tech world a safer and more family-friendly space…click here for details
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Movers and Shapers have a new Pilate’s instructor  and there is a money-off voucher behind this link!…click here for details
NannyKitty is searching for somewhere that will pierce the ears of her ten year old charge…click here for details
Katskii is looking for an accountant that specialises in tax…click here for details
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Looking for a new challenge? The Richmond Practice are searching for a wonderful wordpress wizard…click here for details
EarlsfieldMummy wonders which Virgin Active Gym they should join? Does it have to be one from the beardy businessman or have you thought of others?…click here for details
A playground full of school posts!
“What’s Beatrix Potter like?” asks Scamp. “Like a school,” I am tempted to reply but I think they want more details! (click here). More parents from High View reception 2013 are looking to meet up (click here) JoyY has posted some comments on the White House school  (click here) and lastly some debate on the catchment area for the TootingGraveney school…click here
A couple of interesting vaccine posts. Jetsetting baby was not happy that she’d agreed to the whooping cough vaccination (click here) and there some thoughtful comments in the MMR/Autism discussion here for details
Sagittarius is hoping to find a karate/martial arts course for her seven year old. Where can her budding Bruce Lee practice his drunken monkey?…click here for details
Gambado have announced the winner of their annual school’s challenge. Ten schools, two hundred children and only one winner! Well done Wandsworth Prep!…click here for details
Last week I wrote that the “house and garden” section is busier than Andy Murray’s fan club! Still true!
Aspace have one of their top summer sales just starting on Northcote Road with up to 50% off furniture!!! (click here), Kat is having her loft converted and has been told she needs a saniflo. Its an awful name for a loo but does anyone have any comments on what they’re like to live with? (click here) Stayathome mum would like to borrow a step ladder next weekend! Come on NappyValleyNet, surely we can rustle up a set of stairs between us? (click here). This sounds like a nightmare, MGMidget thinks they have a boundary dispute brewing. Can you suggest a lawyer or surveyor who might be able to cast some light on their situation? (click here). Hattie Weeks is a TOP maternity consultant but now SHE needs a top TV engineer! Can you help? (click here). Redlynch is looking for someone who can do a “deep clean” of their apartment (click here) AMumatSW12 needs a gas bbq repair person…click here for details
NappyValleyNet’s local listings is currently being upgraded!
However, we do have some “things-to-do” questions. Firstly, ZaZa wonders if anyone has taken a two year old to the “We’re Going on a Bear Hunt” show (click here), Tiggerg is trying to find out more about children’s members’ clubs (click here), Eddie Catz tell us all about their summer camps for 4-11 year olds (click here)  and we have a TON of activity posts with everything from playsongs to outdoor cinema!…click here for details
Don’t forget AnnabelsArcade our totally free buying and selling site!
For sale this week! A gross of gro-bags (click here), a giant teddy (click here) and a Lollypop is looking for a carrycot to fit a baby here for details 
And if you’re looking to sell locally, there is a “Baby Jumble” sale on the 7th September and early bird tables for vendors are now available…click here for details
Lastly, don’t forget our fantastic special offers and competitions! If you would like to win a full body Sienna X tan and a pedicure from our great friends All About The Girl and a Rabbit lamp from the lovely White Rabbit England then just click here for details.
Have a wonderful week.
Annabel and the Team

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