Door knob causes local house fire. Ski holiday questions. Rubbish bins being ignored?

Last Updated on : 14th July 2014

Dear NappyValleyNetter,

“Am I looking less pretty and you looking more pretty, or is it the other way around?”

 My daughter was sitting at the kitchen table staring at her reflection in a hand mirror.

“Errr I’m not sure what you mean?” I replied.

“Well yesterday someone said I looked just like you but if that’s true then you look like a young girl or,” there was a pause whilst I could sense her choosing her words carefully, “I look like an old woman.”

 Well maybe not so carefully after all.

 Both Mr NappyValleyNet and my son seemed to suddenly find the back of the same cereal packet extremely interesting, keen to avoid becoming collateral damage.

 Then something amazing happened.

 In spite of having the tact and diplomacy skills of a grumpy toddler, Mr NVN managed to make a sensitive situation better by opening his mouth.

 “Its not that either of you are getting more or less pretty,” he said, “it’s that just you’re both pretty in some different and then some of the same ways.”

 I had absolutely no idea what he meant but I was happy to take it and move on, my daughter however had different ideas…

 “So basically she’s old, right?”

 Here’s what you’ve been talking about on NappyValleyNet (Wandsworth):

Door knob causes local house fireBe careful with your door knobs! A house burnt down in Wandsworth because of one!…click here for details

A really hope we can help with this query. A new au-pair looking for friends!…click here for details

Wandsworth Council have asked the Breastfeeding Network to run a helpline to support new mums in certain council wards. Thanks guys! I know it’s targeting areas with a low take-up but might we see it rolled out elsewhere if it’s a success?…click here for details

I was invited down to the Jumpking site a few weeks ago and was really impressed with what I saw. The team there seem genuinely dedicated to making great trampolines and so I asked them to pull together a few words on what they do and how they do it…click here for details

Youngsharpie is a Tooting mum who’s just launched an online vintage fashion store. and would love you to check it out. Online and vintage, that’s an oxymoron!…click here for more details

 Wandsworth’s Community Radio are using crowd-funding to help launch station studio in Battersea, £3,000 needed to bring Nappy Valley it’s own “wheels of steel”!…click here for details

The Northcote Fete was amazing! A massive thank you to everyone who was involved (click here) and there was some “Lost property” that needs to find it’s way home. This includes: a wallet with a driving licence in the name of Boosey, 2 x Oyster cards, Visa debit card, a large set of keys, a baby’s bootie and a cheese fondue set. Almost ALL those items really were lost (I made one up!) and they’ll be held at Hamptons until Friday 18th July…click here for more details

Littlebitloopy needs a photographer for a high exposure fashion shoot. Is that photos on a roof or am I not cool enough to know what “high exposure” means in the fashion world?…click here for details

Rebs30000 is 31 weeks pregnant and really struggling on which buggy to get. Come on guys, can we help?…click here for details

AlwaysStylsh needs your ideas on where to take a daughter with chicken pox(click here) and Cleod would like to her 11 month old vaccinated against chicken pox as well, does anyone have any recommendations on where to go?…click here for details

Mum2babyboy is looking for anywhere that does ‘messy play…click here for details

A similar user-name but not quite, Mum2two2012 needs ideas for a thank you gift…click here for details

Lima wants to know if anyone else had a problem with Asquiths the jewellers on the Northcote Road? I’ve always found them lovely (they fixed Mr NVN’s watch) but we can ask!…click here for details

Door-to-door fish, this thread NEVER dies! Now someone from NORTH LONDON has found it on NVN and also been stung!…click here for details

SamT needs a wedding dress dry cleaner and a wedding hairdresser, any suggestions? (click here) and Mummag needs a hair stylist and make-up artist for her wedding (click here). I went to a wedding on Friday, Mr NVN dancing to Dancing Queen is an image I can never “un-see”.  

Patricia44 os looking for recommendations for a Child Behavioural Specialist?…click here for details

Zaza107 wants to join the “Fast and Furious Crew”! Well almost! She needs ‘Hot Wheels’, does anyone know where to get regular Hot Wheels track, or a really basic set, she asks?…click here for details

Usedtobeorganised is looking for a venue to hire for their son’s 4th birthday. It should fit up to 25 kids plus parents, ideally with a bit of outside space, any recommendations?…click here for details

Fernando needs to repair their clothes dryer, who in SW11 can bring the tumble back to their dryer? …click here for details

AbbevilleMummys’ daughter is starting BV in September and would like a little advice as to how many dresses, PE kit, Plimsolls etc they need from experienced school mums…click here for details

Petal is horrified at the polyester content in school uniforms…click here for details

Can you help with our travel questions? 

Riverside asks if anyone has skied with either of these companies Ski Famille or Family Ski?  (click here) Jo Mac needs ideas for games on a long flight (click here)Juliantenniscoach found some ‘Important Information’ if you’re flying soon (click here)8han needs a Paris apartment for a long weekend. *Sigh* don’t we all! (click here) lastly Rushymum is  going to Thornham in the summer and would love to find a babysitter so that they can go out to dinner in peace!…click here for details

Our House and Garden section is busier than a German Bierkeller’s Football Celebrations!

Door knob causes local house fireLindylindylindy is at their wits end with rubbish collection services who have been completely ignoring their rubbish bags and collecting everyone else’s rubbish except theirs! (click here). Socrates1977 is looking for someone to upgrade their garden (click here) Mellowfellowuk has a beautiful 3-bedroom flat for rent in Battersea (click here)  NewAussieMum has a Indesit washing machine and the rubber rim on the door has black slime on it, help! (click here) and lastly Messy pumpkin is the process of converting their one bedroom flat in Streatham Vale into a two bed and would appreciate “Loft Company” recommendations…click here for more details

Ooh, MessyPumpkin, you should read the article Lifestyle by ASQ just wrote on extensions!…click here for details

 AnnabelsArcade is our totally free buying and selling site!

This week: A 2006 Mini Cooper with very low mileage for £5500, (click here) lots of FREE wood for a wood burning stove (click here) and an electric lawn mowerfor £40 (click here).

That’s it, have a wonderful week!!


Annabel and the Team


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