Dual Purpose Loft Conversions

Last Updated on : 7th March 2019

Make your loft conversion work harder for you

In the current economic climate it’s even more important to make any extra space added to your home, work extra hard.  That is why adding a loft conversion can be the perfect answer.  Read on for our helpful guide to dual-purpose loft conversion rooms.

Office by day, guest room at the weekend

With working from home and home offices on the rise, loft conversions can make excellent spaces to work and study from.  In London particularly where outside space is sparse and there is no garden to extend out into, loft conversions for offices are a logical addition to a home.  Located at the top of a home, loft conversions make great working spaces as they are positioned the furthest away from the living and high footfall areas so they are often the quietest rooms.  Why not also position a desk or study area near a Juliet balcony or window for extra light and a lovely view of your garden or outside space.  When work during the week is done; make your loft area work even harder for you by having a spare bed and bathroom in the space so any weekend visitors including friends and family have a lovely space to relax in!

Loft Bathroom or Utility Room

Many period homes especially in London don’t have space for a utility room unless they are part of an extension where they have been added in.  Why not take the noise and clutter away from your kitchen and use a loft conversion to not only house a new bedroom and bathroom in but also your washing machine and tumble dryer?  The sloping roof or eaves as they are otherwise know are good places to hide a washing machine or a dryer as it would otherwise be redundant space.  Lock it away at the top of the house in a loft conversion means taking the noise away from what would normally be one of the most social rooms in the home i.e. the kitchen.

Bedroom or Hobby Room

If you are a budding musician, yoga lover or just generally need a room you can lock yourself away in, then a loft conversion is ideal.  Not only can it be used as a bedroom for yourself or guests but why not use the extra space for practicing a hobby?  If it’s a noisy hobby i.e. music then you are likely not to disturb anyone else in the home, or if you are looking for a quieter space to think and reflect in, then loft conversions are brilliant being away from the hustle and bustle of a family home.

If you are looking to increase space in your London home with a loft conversion, then why not contact the experts at Simply Loft for a free site visit and quotation www.simplyloft.co.uk



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