Dulwich College talks about their bursary and scholarship scheme

Last Updated on : 22nd September 2022

One of the most generous bursary schemes in South East London is that of Dulwich College with a massive 205 pupils on bursaries up from 160 five years ago, paid from a £4 million strong bursary pot.  The majority are on 100% bursaries and the remainder on over 75% bursaries.  The College hasn’t set a target to reach as it feels it could drive decisions and is bent on “increasing the number year on year, that’s very much the direction of travel, as long as it’s incremental,” says Dr Cameron Pyke, Deputy Master External.   “We are absolutely committed to supporting pupils.  It’s a core thing of who we are.  An extra 10 bursaries have been added this year.”  This year’s cohort of assisted pupils will include five from Ukraine, while the College has also employed Ukrainian mums as translators and TAs too.

A smaller pot, of £1.4 million, funds scholarships at Dulwich and these are a mark of distinction in the usual subjects of art, music, sport and academic performance but with discounts in the region of 10%.

Applying for a bursary

  • Identify the three or fours schools you feel would be the best fit for your child – do you want, for example, a school whose philosophy is to welcome families from many different and interesting backgrounds?
  • Before visiting the schools and registering your child, explore the school’s website for details of their bursaries offer – their means-tested awards that pay all or part of the fees
  • Many schools share full details about how many bursaries are awarded every year, the eligibility criteria eg household income and assets, the range of bursaries on offer (from 10% to 100%), what ‘extras’ are included eg uniform, lunches, trips and how to apply
  • If your child is academically very bright, you might be awarded a scholarship after sitting the entrance examination in addition to a means tested bursary
  • Always contact the schools’ registrars with any questions: they will be happy to advise

For more information about the Dulwich scheme please follow this link:

The above is an extract from the Affordability Feature, Seizing the Opportunity, as featured in the new NappyValleyNet Schools guide, and written by Gillian Upton, the guide’s Editor.

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