Earn shares while you shop with WeShop

Last Updated on : 27th June 2022

The way we shop has changed already…now it’s changing again

It pays to WeShop: introducing the brand-new platform that earns you shares in a British-made, community-owned revolutionary new tech company every time you buy.

The WeShop shopping platform has recently launched with the ambition of democratising the way we shop by linking over 500 online retailers (and counting..) in one place and giving you back 20% of the value of your basket in shares every time you shop. WeShop’s ambition is that 90% of the business will be owned by you, the customer.

“We’re aiming for the world’s biggest AGM at the world’s biggest publicly-owned company,” says Lucie Randall, local resident and Founding Ambassador. Similarly, they have philanthropic intentions with plans for charities to be nominated so some of the funds can be directed that way too.

Lucie goes on, “For too long, women have been on the back foot with investments; we are not hugely supported in that market. Typically, we don’t have either the time – often juggling a career and motherhood – or, frankly, the inclination – too difficult to manage, not hugely experienced and so reluctant – but we hope that WeShop may unlock a form of investment for many and give women in particular the confidence to do something for themselves.”

The shopping opportunities are endless, covering fashion, homes, interiors, DIY, tech, sports and more, from small boutique brands to big well-known ones – Selfridges and ASOS to name just two – and catering for every demographic in the market, from all walks of life.

And if you want to cash in your shares after the first 12 months, you can do just that.

How to shop?

It couldn’t be easier to use; simply download the app, sign up, explore the shops and follow. Then when you’re ready to buy something, simply purchase in the usual online way and 20% of the value will go into your WeShop share portfolio.

In addition, you can recommend and share what you buy with friends and anything they buy in the same way will earn you 10% of their spend in shares too – plus they get their own 20%, so everyone gains! You become the trusted influencer, sharing your new purchase with your family, friends and social network.


Large online shopping platforms and social media sites generate vast profits from their users, making money from people doing their shopping, or even just talking, searching and chatting with their friends. Very little, if any, of these profits have been shared with the people who actually created the huge success of these platforms – you, your family and your friends.

WeShop is founded on a shared belief of challenging that status quo. Its founders developed a fabulously functional, all bells-and-whistles platform that democratises the world of retail by giving away over 90% of its business to those who really matter: the customer.

It’s the world’s first online platform that will allow people to shop for everyday goods and items and instantly start owning a stake in a major new British company. You just buy the products you always buy, from the same retailers you always use, at the same price you always pay, and you could become an owner of the next Amazon.

Every time a member shops, the innovative new system allows the consumer to earn an investment with real monetary value. Given that we are facing the worst cost of living crisis since 1977, the timing couldn’t be better.

Next time you buy that £100 pair of trainers, buy through WeShop and give £20 back to you. It’s a creative way of saving money and even generating a potential nest egg by simply carrying on with your usual shopping habits.

WeShop co-founder Richard Griffiths says, “The way we shop has changed dramatically in the last ten years thanks to rapid advances in technology. While we’ve seen the dramatic growth of online shopping platforms – and their profits – none of them are designed to benefit the people who keep them going, the shoppers.

“That’s why WeShop was born, building a totally shoppable platform that is over 90% owned by the community who use it. We think that the potential of WeShop is gigantic and will have a massive impact on the world of e-commerce and online retail.

“If Amazon had done this, the wealth created would have been shared amongst the people who made it successful, its users. The world might look very different now, and that’s what we’re trying to achieve: a better, fairer and more democratised shopping experience for everyone, which is why WeShop is made to work for you.”

Offer opens 04.07.22

Your first purchase value will be matched with WeShop shares;
Refer 5 friends to WeShop and earn £250 (in shares) when they make their first purchase.

Download the app

Join using the code weshopsocial, and start earning shares.


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