Faith school insists all boys wear skull caps? Not married and splitting up, do I own the house? Save Romany Scout Hut site.

Last Updated on : 6th May 2014

Faith school insists all boys wear skull capsDear South West London Mum, 

One afternoon in early 2008 I tried to find the phone number for the Romany Scout hut on Lyford Road.

I was planning my son’s birthday and wanted to book it for his party.  I Googled and Googled and Googled, all to no avail, so eventually I sent Mr NVN off on his bike to knock on the door and ask them face to face.

And that got me thinking.

If it was that hard to find a phone number for a local Scout hut that I knew existed, what about all the other “stuff” in my neighbourhood that I didn’t know I didn’t know. Might there be classes, meet-ups and events that were just perfect for my family but weren’t even close to being on my radar?

And so with that aim in mind, I set up NappyValleyNet.

If it hadn’t been for that elusive Scout Hut number I wouldn’t have founded this site and all the wonderful people I’ve met, the mums we’ve helped and the causes we’ve supported would only exist in some “Sliding Doors” parallel universe.

And now that Scout Hut and it’s site is under threat of redevelopment.

I’m not anti-change.

I know we all need houses and homes to live in, but we also need spaces and places for those inhabitants to play and learn.

And hot on the heels of the Burntwood Lane “mega-development” (click here) I’m not sure we need to lose even more space.

So if you’d like to help support a petition against these plans please click here and, *MOST* importantly, “Share”, “Like” and “Tweet” the petition so your friends can decide whether to support it too.

Here’s what you’ve been talking about on NappyValleyNet (Wandsworth):

Do you remember the competition last week for the most popular post? This week’s winner is, unsurprisingly, the “Save The Romany Scout Hut” thread! Viewed over 1700 times in less than a week! (click here). So the user “SavetheRomanyMum” wins a lovely bottle from North & South Wines (on the corner of Broomwood & Northcote Roads). Next week’s prize is a fabby Loire Valley Destinea Sauvignon so get writing! What else can we save? 🙂

Adviceplease is a username that says it all. She’s living in a house bought by her partner (and father of her children) of 12 years but now they’re splitting up. As they’re not married she worries she has no “claim” on the property…click here for details

A very controversial post that raises some interesting points. A number of faith agnostic parents in Earlsfield were “given” the Mosaic Jewish primary school by Wandsworth Council in the latest school places awards. Does this mean non-faith children will have to wear skull caps on a Friday, asks a user? I *think* the answer is yes, but just for prayers…click here for details  

SWChick works for a local family business and has witnessed some pretty awful workplace behaviour. Phones thrown, chairs chucked and now she’s been insulted and threatened with the sack. She’d welcome some here for details

A trio of crime based posts this week. First off, Clapham Based Judge Constance Briscoe faces jail (click here). Second, NorthcoteDad wants to warn you of  night-time activity in SW12/Ramsden Road and asks if anyone has noticed an increase in crime? (click here) Lastly, SW11 wants to warn Land Rover owners. Thieves are stealing the spare wheel and every single one on his/her street has been stolen…click here for details

Soriano is looking for an independent scarf designer’? Did you know that the Romans’ were the first to wear scarfs and they were called sweat cloths! A sweaty Hermes isn’t quite so glamorous!…click here for details

From Zaza107 wonders where she can get chefs’ knives sharpened around Balham/Northcote Road? Did you know the Romans were the first to use Sabatier knives, OK OK I made that up!…click here for details

SamT is looking for ideas for a vegetarian roast. I always use a nut roast from Waitrose…click here for details

Faith school insists all boys wear skull capsMummybear has a mice issue! Traps with with chocolate/peanut butter are being avoided and wire wool is not doing the trick, any child friendly tips please? Errr…give them names and pet them?…click here for details

Amelies Follies have just started posting. Welcome! They’ve offered advice on nursing bras and a quick few rules to follow for comfort…click here for details

Dancing_queen59 needs an occupational therapist recommendation for her 4 year old son…click here for details

Claphamama just found out her 3 year old needs to wear glasses. Can you recommend an optician?click here for details

BV1977’s four-month old has just been diagnosed with posterior tongue tie, she is not sure of her next steps…click here for details

Mommyg asks, “is it possible to attach a gro-clock (or similar) to a cot side or headboard”?…click here for details

Our friends at Ayrton Windows have a new star in their adverts and she’s a NappyValleyNetter. Well her mum is! Daisy Matthews, daughter of NVN member Victoria, is on a giant 3 m x 6 m poster on Northcote Road. You mean you didn’t pick Mr NVN???…click here for details

Ladybird12 is considering putting a baby & toddler in same room. Is she crazy to consider it, she wonders? Nahhh, should be fine. Stick a hamster and a cat in there as well and it could get REALLY interesting!…click here for details

Alexgear is organising a charity family day on September and is looking for people to get involved. Face painters, kids activities, games, cupcake stalls, balloon modelling……click here for details

There’s a new junior hockey club being formed. Wanderers Hockey Club will be based at Battersea Park. Are they set to be the Manchester City to Spencer Club’s Manchester United? To enroll your child follow the link!…click here for details

Wandsworthmummy12 needs a pet and house sitter for next Easter for a very friendly dog named Jess. For *next* Easter? Wow, that’s planning. I haven’t even sorted out tomorrow’s school uniforms!!!…click here for details

Hattie wants to get a little merry band together for a really early work out in Dundonald park. Are you up for it? (Pun!)…click here for details

Looking for a new challenge? A part-time meetings co-ordinator is needed for a 4 week role for a Putney based exhibitions organisers (click here) and Aspace need a supervisor and part time sales people…click here for details

Can you help with our travel questions? Lanme is going to Italian region of Liguria, and needs recommendations of villages/towns (click here) . Pop would like suggestions for astop off on the way to the Lakes (click hereand MFD is hunting for ideas for city breaks with a toddler.…click here for more details

Our schools section is heaving!

Wandsworth Prep have announced their first Parent Lecture Event: ‘Managing the Transition into Key Stage 2’ (click here), BB posts that if you’ve been affected by a lack of local school places then try contacting your MP (click here). EoV is worried. She has a place at a selective private school but worries that if her daughter plays up during the trial morning might it be withdrawn? (click here),  New2SW asks about catchment areas in Lambeth? How do they work? (click hereMM is looking for a secondary school for a boy with Aspergers. Have you been in this position, can you help?(click hereMariaspain needs to choose between St. Joseph’s RC primary school and the Hotham School. Which is better school?…click here for details

Our House and Garden section is busier than a SW London estate agent!

Daisy cat Can asks if you can recommend someone who can check a boiler and issue a corgi gas cert?(click here), MM would ike a garden design wizard (click here), YAH needs an upholster (click here) kusch72 is looking for aluminum bi-fold door recommendations (click here) Clementina also needs reliable and reasonably priced garden company recommendation? (click here)  ND needs a lockable gate/side door (click here), EmmaB is looking for references for Mulberry Grass (artificial lawns) before she commits to them…click here for more details 

Our calendar is now upgraded, and its bigger and better!

Our friends at Travel Designers are hosting a family fun day with a FUN BUS! May the 11th (click here). Pitter Patter Hub for Bubs is at The Roundhouse, its a single venue for a variety of professionally led baby & pre-school classes..(click here) Fruity Tunes are performing songs and activities that are visual, kinesthetic, tactile and auditory at Church of the Ascension. (click here)  and Hedgesparrows is an nature group for parents and toddlers. (click here)

Don’t forget AnnabelsArcade our totally free buying and selling site!

This week: Adidas F50 Adizero astro turf boots. Kids size 8 for £10. (click here), a Bugaboo transport bag for £50. (click here) and Sopvia has a hand made Jewellery sale. (click here)

That’s it, have a wonderful week!!


Annabel and the Team


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