How do I make a post?
Click on this link for the guide to posting on nappyvalleynet.com

How do I post a reply to a post?
Log into your account, open the post which you’d like to add a reply to and click on the ‘post reply’ button.

How do I delete a post I’ve made?
Log into your account and open up the post that you made. Then click on the edit icon and there is an option to delete this post.

How do I upload an image to a post I’ve made?
Click the ‘Img’ tag, go to the image you want to ‘paste in’ and copy the image address. If you are using a Mac this menu comes up with the “ctrl” key held down and one click of the mouse. Then copy the image address and paste it between the image tags.

How do I change my password?
There are two ways to do this:
1. The quick way – Log into your account and then go to https://nappyvalleynet.com/mums/ucp.php?i=ucp_profile&mode=reg_details
2. The slow way – Log into your account and then go to:
a. user control panel
b. click “profile” tab
c. click edit account settings

I’ve sent a PM to another user but my message is still in my outbox, why hasn’t it been delivered?
Private Messages (PM) work slightly differently to email.So, although a user gets a note to say one has arrived they actually have to log in to pick it up.Until they do it shows in your outbox because it hasn’t been delivered yet. Therefore you have done all you can do and they now need to visit to pick it up, and they’ll have been sent an email to that effect.The other option is to email them through the site BUT if they reply they can then see your address so you are not anonymous.




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