Fatal Balham bus stop crash. Council plans to grass over road across Common. Bellevue Road Summer Fete: announcement. Motivating six year old to do homework.

Last Updated on : 3rd August 2015

Dear NappyValleyNetter,

 “What is the capital of France?”

 As I mentioned last week we’ve just come back from a family holiday to Greece and one of the highlights was people watching by the pool

 The in-resort nannies were having a ball entertaining their little charges and the children’s wardrobe of Konfidence Jackets, flappy hats and tiny sunglasses almost too cute to bear.

 The quiz game was my favourite and involved a youngster bobbing in the water questioning a queue of poolside friends. An incorrect answer resulted in a gentle push from the Mark Warner nanny, a correct one took him or her though to the next round and potential victory.

 Most of the questions were pretty innocuous with capital cities, football players and Frozen songs top of the subject list.

 Until one child had different ideas.

 “HOW DO YOU MAKE A BABY?” he shouted and whilst any answers would have been drowned out by the noise of spectating parents spitting out their pina coladas, the quick thinking nanny wasn’t taking any chances.

 In a flash she pushed the whole line into the water and proclaimed, “Oooh you’re all out, my turn to ask!”

 Here is what you’ve been talking about on NappyValleyNet (Wandsworth):

 Fatal Balham bus stop crashThis is a dreadfully sad story: there was a road traffic fatality in Balham last week when a car collided with a bus stop…click here for details

 Kidzania is a whole city that’s run by children. Yup, you read that right. Interesting review of it from one NVN’er!…click here for details

 Acidming has accidentally booked Clapham Leisure Centre instead of the Latchmere for a birthday party. Ouch! It’s too late to change as it’s all paid for, she’s looking for reassurance that it’ll be OK?…click here for details

 You know Dr Johnson Avenue, the diagonal road across Tooting Common? It might be grassed over. If you have an opinion Wandsworth Council would like to know. It’s named after the chap who invented the dictionary so do “spell check” any correspondunce!…click here for details

 Jimjam would like parents of children on scooters to take care. Her little one was knocked off her feet by a speeding two-wheeler. I hope she’s better now! (click here). Sticking with scooters but on the buying and selling side, Pixi1 is looking to purchase one (click here).

 Abbevillemummy is due at the end of October and looking to meet other mums for chats, meet-ups and mutual support. Hope we can help!click here for details

 Fatal Balham bus stop crashSJ urgently needs a sleep therapist. Do you know who can help transport her little one off to the land of nod?…click here for details

 Dansk is having difficulty motivating her six year old to do homework. Any Tony Robbins style tips?…click here for details

SamT wonders which is the best buggy board for a Bugaboo Bee? That’s actually a brand new tongue twister! It pulvarises “Peter picked” in the pecking order of punishing prose…click here for details

 LKN’s toddler is pulling out huge clumps of his own hair. Any advice apart from shaving his head, which has already been suggested?…click here for details

 Amy asks if there is an equivalent of NVN in North London? Her nanny has moved “Oop North” and she’s looking for work. On that note we’d be interested in working with anyone who might want to launch one!…click here for details

 Toblerone would love to find a person who can point her bricks?…click here for details

 I think we’re too late but Shan urgently wanted a notary on Saturday morning…click here for details

 3My mistake! Last week I wrongly identified St Georges as the site of SW11Lite’s traumatic birth. It was actually St Thomas. Sorry and thanks for highlighting my error Ruth…click here for details

 A good friend of Mr NVN has a son who is an IT whizz and is looking for summer work. He’s eighteen, an ex-Kings School pupil and has a brain the size of a double-fronted-house-with-a-basement, he’s also tops! Shout if you need IT support from a future Mark Zuckerberg…click here for details

Mertony is looking for an ed-psych recommendation for her six year old, can you help?…click here for details

Munchme needs an Italian translator for a business documentPuoi aiutare?…click here for details

From Italian documents to drawings of houses: 40plus would love an artist to paint a picture…click here for details

Szerman prefers photos to pastels, and hopes to find a reasonably priced family snapperclick here for details

5Curly is about to rent a flat out to a company but wonders what sort of checks should be made first? Big ones hopefully. Oh, wrong sort of cheque!…click here for details

Mummag would love to hear your recommendations for a yoga class around Clapham/Battersea? Altogether now, “Ommmm”…click here for details

A ton of sits vac posts! HJPM is looking for a property management PA to join their SW London company (click here), LD needs a PA for a renewable energy company (click here), a Clapham based rustic furniture firm want an admin and accounts person (click here) lastly CNM would love to hire a maternity nurse from mid-December (click here).

FLH03 is off to Scotland soon and wonders how she might set up a temporary pop-up WIFI network?…click here for details

Have you spotted a lost-looking British Blue cat around the Tonsleys area? One NVN’er has had one go AWOL. Fingers crossed he comes home safely…click here for details

Kishi is looking for a “taster” gymnastics class for her five year old. Do you know of one locally?…click here for details

You know that we love fetes? Well the Bellevue Road Summer Fete is coming up and NappyValleyNet is the media partner! If you want to book space or find out more details then check out our announcement (click here).

Finally, it’s your house and garden questions: we have more than we have ever had before! Wow!

Giggles would like to install a “below ground” trampoline. Have you done one? How much did you “spring” for one? (click here). JB hates her unsightly bins at the front of her house. Any idea for a cost-effective “bin store”? (click here). Amy would love a recommendation for a carpenter (click here). 2015 is about to install a new boiler. Should she go Megaflow? (click here). GardenRosie wonders which of Howdens, Ikea, Wickes or Magnet make the best kitchens? (click here). CMB asks about colour consultants for the home? Do you know of one? (click here) LHOneeds a carpet fitter – would you recommend yours? (click here) Dansk wonders who might pave her driveway? (click here) Camell hopes to find a great aerial fitter (click here). Lastly Pud1 would love help with some smelly drains (click here)!

Annabel’s Arcade is our “totes free” buying and selling site!

For Sale: Abbeville is selling a granite counter top (click here) Antonia a Maclaren Quest buggy (click here) and Angelique is giving away a push chair and car seat (click here)

Phew, that’s it, have a fabby week!!


Annabel and the NappyValleyNet.com Team


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