Female boss apologises for bullying working women. Prep school Ofsted “fail”. Depressed and unemployed husband, please help. Meet up THIS WEEK!

Last Updated on : 16th March 2015

Dear NappyValleyNetter,

“What’s a dog year?” asked my youngest.

“Well,” I replied, “it’s a way to measure the age of a dog but in a way we understand, because dogs get older more quickly than humans.”

“Ahhh NOW I understand,” she continued, “and mummy years are what Daddy said we should use for you, because even though you are not actually from the olden days, looking after children makes you look really…”

A red-faced and stuttering Mr NVN had the foresight to step in and claim his comments were taken out of context but bearing in mind I write these emails on a Saturday, if my Mother’s Day gift wasn’t of Khardashian proportions you may find him sleeping on the Common.

Here is what you’ve been talking about on NappyValleyNet (Wandsworth):

Before I get into all your comments and queries from the last seven days, I do want to tell you that it’s time for another NappyValleyNet ‘Meet Up’ THIS WEDNESDAY! Join us at The Bolingbroke on Northcote Road for complimentary caffeine, cake and company but that’s not all! Everyone goes home with a gorgeous Easter biscuit thanks to the lovely Rhiannon from The Biscuit Tree, follow this link for more details…click here for more details 

Female boss apologisesMany of you will have seen that Battersea Arts Centre was ravaged by a huge fire on Friday. I understand the Grand Hall and Lower Hall were destroyed by the blaze but some planned events have already gone ahead so it isn’t a total disaster…click here for details

Tamara posted details of an awful accident at Clapham South tube station. A woman was dragged under a train after her coat was caught in the doors of a tube carriage…click here for details

This is a fascinating post although it does makes for uncomfortable reading. A female boss has apologised to working women after her bullying and hectoring made other mum’s lives difficult…click here for details

I really hope we can help with this post, “Hopeless” has written that she believes her husband is depressed but he feels very strongly he is “OK”. How can she help him if he is determined not to meet with health professionals?…click here for details

Female boss apologisesAnd now a question about ski insurance. After reading about someone being hit by a PLANE on the slopes, one user is wondering if her own holiday insurance will be sufficient?…click here for details

Sticking with “Things-to-do”, KateHelloMum’s husband works in the city and he is looking to form a music quartet, do you want to join, she asks? Oooh good luck, maybe I can help? I can’t play but I could be the “Gareth Malone” character and run around shouting motivational things like “you can do it” and “we only have a week to the concert!”…click here for details  

MGmum has just been told that her five month old son has a very flat head. Do you know a specialist who can provide a helmet and do the helmets work?…click here for details

I hope this doesn’t get TOO controversial. Balhammom has linked to an article that states that homeopathy isn’t effective…click here for details

Female boss apologisesAlly30_1998 asks if your pharmacy charges you for using a debit card to pay for prescriptions?…click here for details

Hhirst needs recommendations for a home visiting breast feeding councillor…click here for details

Another post I really hope we can help with: AbbevilleMummy is looking for a nutritionist for her 5 year old daughter. She has always been skinny but she has now received a letter from school stating that she is very underweight…click here for details

On totally different subjects, SamT has TWO questions. Firstly, how does she go about claiming 15 hours free childcare for her 3 year old if he is in full time nursery 3 days a week? (click here)Secondly, she is going to buy a single bed which will be a first bed after a cot… does anyone have any recommendations for where to get one? Any dos or don’ts?!…click here for details

Sticking with product advice, OAB is thinking of buying a first bike for their 2 year old old but is wondering if he is too young? I bet Sir Chris Hoy started around that age!…click here for details

“Mummy” (GREAT username) wants to know when you stopped extra private swimming lessons for your child?…click here for details

Petal asks if ‘anyone has tried the Field and Flower meat boxes?’ I haven’t but they’ve always sounded tasty. If that makes sense!…click here for details

Youngsharpie wonders which ‘which  TV songs or theme tunes do your kids absolutely love and are always singing?’ Oh the usual in my case: Downton Abbey, Desperate Housewives and Walking Dead! What do you mean they shouldn’t be watching those shows?…click here for details

1b14Vendredimanche would like to run from Wimbledon station to Clapham Common station and was planning to follow the Wandle river and then cross the two Commons. Is the Wandle Trail suitable for joggers, she asks?…click here for details

GreyingMum is a GREAT friend of NappyValleyNet and she’s looking for reading volunteers for a fantastic charity called Beanstalk! It’s a really fabby cause so if you love books it definitely worth checking out!…click here for details

Bluerose asks if has anyone had IPL hair removal treatment at Mary Parkes Laser Clinic, Clapham?…click here for details

Looking for a new role? Check out these “Sits Vac”

NappyValleyNet (that’s us) are looking for a part-time editor to join the the team! If you can project manage, errr projects, then we might have a cracking role for you!…click here for details

Davinao needs help reading information on South Korean websites and is looking for someone who can speak both Korean and Englishclick here for details  

WillHerrmann are a fast growing development and investment business based in the Nightingale Triangle and they are looking for a book keeper and administrator (click here)

Lastly, Fragio is looking for a full time housekeeper/nanny in Clapham (click here).

Looking for activity and meet-up ideas? We have more than Milliband has kitchens!

Jane Plan are looking for 15-20 mums an dads to join them for a FREE TASTING morning at Eddie Catz (click here) It’s the Country Living Magazine Spring Fair from 18-22nd March in the Business Design Centre and we have two tickets to give away to one lucky NappyValleyNetter! (click here).  Lovefirstswipe are working on a Channel 4 documentary about mobile dating apps and would love to hear from people who have met their partner through an app such as Tinder and whom have had a baby with that partner! (click here).

It’s not just Jeremy Clarkson who might be looking for a change of scene! Heaps of you might go travelling if we can help with these questions!

Tealover is considering a trip to the Princess Yaiza later in the year and wonders if anyone has feedback on the room types and board options? (click here).  SkippyGirl is planning a weekend away with 8 adults and looking for recommendations? Preferably in the New Forest, Dorset, South Downs, Oxfordshire and no more than £600 per night (click here).  CHTM8888 are offering their stunning converted barn in the Charente at a special price of £525 per week in June (click here).  Kookiegoddess needs ideas for a great cabin bag on wheels they can order here or buy in NYC? (click here).

Turn over your papers now, here are your education questions!

Mats03’s daughter is starting at Hill House this September but after the latest Ofsted report is considering changing school. Could any HH parents give any guidance? (click here).  And I think this could be the story they’re referring too! Wheresmyschool? tells us that the £14,000-a-year prep school attended by the Prince of Wales could face closure after being branded inadequate in all areas in a damning Ofsted report (click here).  Jesse_hp is petitioning to get a zebra crossing outside Wix school and on Taybridge road (click here).  BellaBella asks if anyone has children who attend Ursuline? (click here).  Londonmum123 really likes Hornsby house but wonders if they are too late for entry in 2017? (click here).  Catman is thinking of moving to Balham and wondering what the options are regarding primary school, both state and private? (click here).

Our House and Garden section is busier than a Mary Berry baking tray!

IndyB’s flat has a plumbing issue and it’s full of smells from the building’s pipes. Can she refuse to pay her service charge until it’s fixed? (click here).  Twomonkeys is considering using www.upad.co.uk, has anyone else tried it? (click here).  Newtocollierswood has a quick question from a newbie! Has anyone had the London Kitchen Extension Company do a kitchen side return for them? (click here).  Soph is purchasing a flat and is looking for a good conveyancing solicitor? (click here).  Claphamchick asks if anyone has had chimney breasts removed in their house? (click here)Lula needs suggestions where to get a glass splash back for a kitchen? (click here).  Annamarina is thinking of building a garden house (self-contained one bedroom house) and wonders if anyone has any architect recommendations? (click here).  Sagittarius’ car got scratched and it needs repainting. Can anyone you recommend someone local and reasonably priced? (click here).  louisaa78 needs a good electrician, who is Nappy Valley’s super sparky? (click here).  Aliceg1982 currently live in Battersea and is having their side return done over the summer. Do you know of somewhere to rent for around 8 weeks from the start of June?(click here).

AnnabelsArcade is our totally free buying and selling site!

A blue trunki for sale £10 (click here).  BabyDan Hexagonal Silver Grey Metal Playpen & Mat for £30 (click here).  brand new Startright blue shoes sz 3.5 for £10 (click here).

That’s it, have a wonderful week!!


Annabel and the NappyValleyNet.com Team


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