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Last Updated on : 17th January 2019

Have your New Year’s resolutions fallen by the wayside? It’s all too easy to let good habits slip by mid-January. Make 2019 the year you decide to get fit and smash your goals. We’ve teamed up with local fitness experts to help incentivise you. From Pilates to HIIT to spin, there’s something for everyone, as well as some special offers to grab with both hands.


Jane Wake is a pre- and postnatal trainer who devised her special programme, Baby A-Wake, in response to her own experience of struggling to find knowledgeable, effective classes when pregnant with her son. Fourteen years later, her tried and tested, celebrity-endorsed programme has helped hundreds of women become and remain fit and strong during and after having their children. “I can get women fit while they’re pregnant, even if they haven’t exercised before,” explains Jane. “For others, we may concentrate on breathing and pelvic floor exercises only, because that’s what’s right for them.” Jane loves to train women antenatally to prepare them for the physicality of pregnancy and labour, and to help them tune in to their instincts ahead of giving birth. “We have antenatal Pilates and encourage women to go to the gym or take part in sport, if that’s the right route for them, as long as it’s in a safe environment.”


Jane’s postnatal Pilates is very healing. Clients can come weeks after having their baby – or even 20 years postnatal. “If you feel your body hasn’t recovered from pregnancy and birth, sometimes you have to go back and address these things. Everyone can get better and heal.” Mamafit is a class where women can embrace what their body is now and harness the strength they need as a mum. It involves HIIT and strength training, and trainers ensure that no-one does anything they shouldn’t do. Babies are allowed in to the class and clients can stop to feed, change or attend to them as and when. For those back at work but keen to maintain their fitness, Jane has evening classes in Pilates Flow and Barefoot Workout, which some dads are enjoying too. These classes have been developed by Jane to be unique yet challenging, with a focus on strength and conditioning.

With a timetable operating in studios between Clapham South and Tooting Bec, there’s a venue and a day to suit everyone. “I want to teach women how to get back to what they love, how to move better, and to feel strong after they’ve had a baby.”


For a free trial with no obligation, register online. NVN subscribers can enjoy 10% off a block booking – enter the code NVNTEN when you checkout. 

Visit for more information



New to Clapham is Psycle, an indoor cycling concept that offers something different to traditional spin studios. The approach is based on “riding to the beat” – clients are encouraged to connect to the music in 45-minute workouts that instructors tailor to certain themes, genres and styles. Alastair Prime of Psycle explains: “It’s not just about the physicality of the class, it’s about the psychological side of wellbeing too. We want to help people get through whatever is going on in their lives. The instructor sets the focus and uses music to empower the room – there’s always amazing energy from the group, but the focus is also on the individual and their journey.”

The classes have different components to train your body and mind in the most effective way while allowing you to focus on the music and immerse yourself in the workout. “We have amazing light and sound systems to build and enhance the experience,” says Alastair. “When the workout has started, you’re completely absorbed. That’s why it’s so good for your psychological health as well.”

Beginners can go to any class, with instructors on hand to help introduce the concept to new riders and spend time coaching them. You can build and progress within the same class, but as instructors have different styles, music tastes, and playlists, you could definitely have some fun trying out all the sessions to see which one gets you pumped.

Post-workout wind down is in the Energy Kitchen, a light, airy space offering shakes that are the perfect nutritional choice after exercise. Designed to help you recover, their shakes blend plant-based protein, superfood boosters, and dairy-free mylks to maximise nutrition with minimal calories. Their shakes are designed to enhance performance and recovery, build lean muscle, help with hormonal balance and boost your metabolism.


Introductory offer – 2 classes for £20 plus a buddy credit (for new customers at any Psycle studio in London)

Clapham Intro Pack – £30 for 3 classes plus a buddy credit (for new customers to redeem at the Clapham studio)

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Wellbeing goals often start in the kitchen, and Jane Plan brings you delicious, nutritionally balanced meals to help you shed the extra pounds and maintain your ideal weight. With breakfast, lunch, dinner and a snack for each day delivered to your door and one-on-one support from a nutritionist when you need it, Jane Plan isn’t just a diet plan, it creates healthy habits that are easy to stick to, so you’ll never fall into the yo-yo diet trap again.

Founded by nutritionist Jane Michell in 2010 from her kitchen table, her first clients were friends and neighbours who wanted to be slimmer, healthier and fitter. “I’d buy my ingredients from Waitrose, create calorie-controlled dishes for them, deliver it to their door and then see if it worked – and it did! They were delighted with the results.” Nearly 10 years later, Jane Plan has been endorsed by celebrities and magazines, including Good Housekeeping and Vogue. Why? Because the meals are delicious and the plan works. “This month we were featured on Channel 4’s How To Lose Weight Well and the participant lost four stone in four months, and has maintained her weight loss since the show. Other clients have lost over eight stone!”

Clients can expect a one-month supply of food in their delivery which is simply heated up and then ready to eat – it doesn’t need to be frozen or refrigerated thanks to the sous vide method of cooking. Popular dishes include Organic Vanilla Porridge or Toffee Pecan Granola for breakfast, Kale and Coconut Soup or Penne Rigate with Tomatoes and Olives for lunch, and Lasagna or Chicken Tikka Masala at dinner time. Calorie-controlled and bursting with nutrients, Jane Plan offers the very best food at affordable prices, conveniently delivered, with on-going support from qualified nutritionists. It couldn’t be easier to reset those healthy eating goals.


Start Jane Plan for as little as £99.50 a month – use the discount code NVN19 online.

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Hannah Brown started Holistic Body Focus to combine her expertise in Pilates with her passion for other disciplines to create an approach which benefits both body and mind. Based in Clapham and Battersea, Hannah teaches several mat-based classes a week and has recently introduced a Postnatal Pilates class where babies are also welcome. “I have been teaching Pilates for over seven years and had a very thorough training with the Pilates Foundation. More recently, I have become a pre- and postnatal specialist,” explains Hannah. “My postnatal classes teach new mums how to re-connect with their bodies gently and effectively, whilst embracing all the on-going changes that are happening. It’s also a great way to meet other mums and babies – there is a real sense of community in the classes as they are sharing the journey together.”

Hannah works a lot with the fundamentals of breathing: promoting healthy breath patterns, tapping into the healing of the tissues and the functioning of the abdominals and pelvic floor. I have a lot of emphasis on release, stretch and opening in the classes. For one thing, it feels amazing! But also it’s what we need to do before we can safely go into more strength work. What really sticks with me is the phrase, ‘Once postnatal… always postnatal’. You have had a baby…that will always be a fact through the rest of your life! My hope is to create a safe and effective way for women to rediscover their postnatal bodies and learn to love the changes that have taken place whilst they were busy creating new life. This is an opportunity for them to gain an understanding about their bodies that they never had before. This new-found knowledge and growing stability and strength stands them in good stead, not only for the immediate time with their baby, but for the long term – LIFE!”

Hannah’s dance background influences the way she teaches, with a creativity that fosters a sense of flow through the classes. Ultimately, these mother and baby classes are a wonderfully safe approach to returning the body back to exercise. The session is on Fridays, 11.45am-12.45am at Fresh Ground (68 Battersea Rise).


Enjoy a £10 taster class when using the code HBFPN10 online

For booking and more information, visit



Core Connection, based on Jaggard Way in Wandsworth, focuses on its clients first and foremost. With a strong emphasis on tailor-made training, Sarah Gad and her team pride themselves on getting to know each and every one of their clients along with any history of former injuries, current fitness goals and workout preferences. Their bespoke approach ensures personal, proactive and effective sessions that their clients love.

There are three main ways to train here: circuits with a maximum of 12 a class; boxing with a maximum of 10; and spinning in a dedicated studio with 20 bikes. “Our classes are never too big so that we can pay attention to each client’s form and make sure everyone is training safely without risking personal injury – it allows us to really help our clients get the most out of their session,” says owner Sarah Gad, who runs many of the sessions herself, six out of the seven days a week Core Connection is open. “We also offer small group personal training which we call Buddy PT – you book these sessions like a class and there may be one to two others training with you, you don’t need to worry about finding your own buddy. It makes PT more affordable, many clients enjoy having some company, and it builds a fantastic community spirit in the gym, which I love.” Many participants share similar goals but if they don’t, the session can be tailored to accommodate each person’s fitness aims and physical condition – whether that be a specific goal, injury or pre/postnatal requirements. There is also the option of 1:1 PT for anyone who prefers more personal attention. With so many choices, Sarah really has created a neighbourhood gym gem.


Introductory package of 3 classes for £30

Visit and the booking system will give you the introductory offer, no code is required



Open Air Fit is unique in the SW London area in that it offers outdoor fitness for the whole family, from 18 months upwards! It is run by Founder & Director Mel Capleton, former professional football player, with a team of personal trainers and sports coaches providing personal training, group fitness sessions, family fitness sessions, football classes for women (and kids), teen circuits, popular kids holiday camps, toddler classes, after school clubs and – last but not least –children’s parties.

“We pride ourselves on creating sessions that ensure your goals are achieved,” says Mel. “Whether that be during a bespoke PT session or our group fitness classes, evidence shows that those who exercise outdoors are more likely to stick with their training sessions than those who train indoors, and it also provides a greater benefit to your physical and mental health. Being outdoors means we take a more holistic approach to all our sessions and make good use of the wonderful Commons on our doorstep.”

Most sessions offer a mix of strength and conditioning, flexibility and cardiovascular fitness, and back by popular demand is the 45-minute Teen Fit Circuits sessions, starting on 19 January for all those in Year 7 and above.


For the remainder of January – £25 pass to cover all circuits (6 a week), early morning HIIT (3 a week) classes, evening Ski Fit and Friday’s Women’s Football Fitness. Use the code NVN2019 when booking.

We also offer 3 for 2 Personal Training sessions (for new clients)

Saturday 09:15 am Teen Fit – cost £40 for 5 sessions (19 Jan – 16 Feb)

Book via the website:



The Train Station opened off Wandsworth Common in March 2013 has grown enormously in reputation and provision since then. The gym strives to offer classes that are as close to PT as is possible. Bullet is a HIIT session to top all others. Expect to sweat, ache and burn calories whilst doing a variety of exercises designed to get, and keep, the heart rate up for a full 45 minutes, with a healthy dose of muscular endurance thrown in. Junction is a hybrid session designed to mix all facets of fitness into one session – functional movements, strength and conditioning, and cardiovascular all feature. There’s Fitfite where you can punch your way to a better body, Flow (Yoga) to stretch it all out, and a full programme of Spin classes with a variety of teachers.

The heart of the business is personal training and Mike, Daniel, Steph, Sam and Nikitta look after over 20 clients a week. Sessions are tailor-made to suit each client’s goals and each trainer is a qualified to the highest level. And they should know as they train people to be trainers as well!


Partner PT at £200 for 4 sessions for two people

For new clients, enjoy a 10 class pack for £120 (normally £150)

Existing clients can benefit from 3-2-1 GO! 3 PT sessions, 2 x 30 minute massage with Phoenix Osteopathy, 1 x second class membership (8 sessions) for £260 (normally £345).

Visit for more details.

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