Fox found under living room sofa (photo!) Bottle caused decking house fire: warning from LFB! Fabby new store on Northcote Road! Online dating: good idea or confidence destroyer?

Last Updated on : 15th June 2015

Dear NappyValleyNetter,

Last week myself and Mr NappyValleyNet popped into the chemist to pick up a prescription.

As the pharmacist handed it over he said, “here you are and as you’re pregnant you don’t have to pay, just sign here.”

I think most of SW London could hear the strangled squeak from the father of my children.

“Whoops sorry wrong note,” said the pharmacist laughing and pointing to Mr NVN, “you should have seen his face!”

It was like our own little Mastercard advert.

Cost of hayfever tablets: £8.20.

Buffoon of a husband silenced for rest of the day due to pregnancy scare: priceless.

Here is what you’ve been talking about on NappyValleyNet (Wandsworth):

Fox found under living room sofaDiscoDolly had a fox sneak into her house and hide UNDER their sofa! She’s kindly posted a photo and it’s true, THERE REALLY IS A FOX UNDER HER SOFA!…click here for details

It’s a foxy theme to this week’s email! M&M wants to get rid of a fox pee smell. Where is it? Hope it’s not under the sofa!…click here for details

Plentyoffish is considering online dating. She’s newly divorced and getting her life back on track, a good idea or a confidence destroyer?…click here for details

Brew”gate” keeps running. Or pedalling. Or shouting…click here for details

David Beckham on Northcote Road? Actually we think he wasn’t, one NappyValleyNetter might have got a little too over-excited!…click here for details

Fox found under living room sofa1TM is looking for a mobile dog groomer. That’s a groomer that travels, not for dogs that are especially transportable!…click here for details

Sticking with the canine theme,  SummerH123 is looking for holidays suggestions for one (wo)man and her dog(s). Plus her children. But my pun doesn’t work unless I add them at the end!…click here for details

Brinkley’s ISN’T closing! Yay! Although it’s a good thing their cooking skills are better than their social media ones (click here). On that note, we have a new shop opening on Northcote Road and we think you’re going to be pleased! Thanks for the heads up Jonathan!click here for details

OK, we’ve had a ton of you respond to the Au Pair meet up post! We hope to announce our first tomorrow! Thanks all!…click here for details

An update on a post from May. JoJo’s dog was attacked on Wandsworth Common. Happy to report he’s now made a full recovery and JoJo has posted details of a scheme called YellowDog, sounds like a great idea! here for details

3HappyMummy2014’s little one isn’t crawling yet (love the username!). She’s not worried but wondered if others had had similarly unhurried progress towards mobility?…click here for details

SS wants to know what “works” for stretch marks. Has anyone tried lasers, she wonders? That reminds me of a quote from Flash Gordon but I don’t think it’s so relevant here!click here for details

The “private versus state” primary debate keeps going, is learning to shake hands so important?…click here for details

BLT has found an amazing au pair. Yay! But she’s in the USA. Boo! But she wants to come over here! Yay! Does she need a visa? Oooh don’t know!…click here for details

Keeping the aupair theme, F2014 wonders if she should pay pocket money to her aupair when her little ones are at home in the school holidays. Pocket money? I had to pay mine danger money!…click here for more details

4Three “health” posts. First off, Roro84 is thinking about using the Kensington Wing at CWH as opposed to the Portland, good idea? (click here). Mums1000 would like a GP practice near the Heaver Estate? (click here). Lastly, some interesting additions to our orthodontics thread. Both Glow on Northcote Road and Queens Gate Orthodontics get great recommendations (click here).

From teeth to gold! If we had a post about gold teeth this would be perfect! But we don’t. Ins247 would love to know where to get her jewellery valued?…click here for details

Sticking with teeth, oooh that link didn’t sound so pleasant but you know what I mean! MC is looking for feedback about Glow Dental on Northcote Road. Good feedback so far!…click here for details

5Do you feel you’re falling for the Supermum myth? Amber can help! She has five tips to help you overcome your doubts and her book including EVEN MORE launches today, thanks Amber!…click here for details

AR is looking for September travel suggestions, somewhere hot, can you help? (click here). Keeping travel firmly front of mind, who wants a house swap with a South African family over Christmas? You do? Check out this post! (click here)!

Still travel! Our great friends at All About The Girl have a “Sun, Sea and Splash” make-up special NEXT WEDNESDAY with Stila’s Lead Pro Make-up Artist Sascha Jackson! See you there!…click here for details

TWO uniform requests, DancingQueen would like two sets of Eaton House the Manor summer PE Kit (click here)  and HM needs a Parkgate nursery uniform. Come on everyone, dust out those cupboards and lets side-cycle! here for details

Two lost and found posts! Three! A phone has been found on Wakehurst Road (click here) and a pastel blue sweater on Northcote Road (click here).

The fete season is in full swing. We hope you had fun at Ritherdon Road last week and don’t forget the Abbeville fete is on Saturday the 27th June and theNorthcote Road Summer Fete is Sunday the 12th of July! (click here).

F&F would love suggestions for a solicitor to write a will…click here for details

If you’re looking for Fathers Day gift ideas check out the Central London Golf Centre’s golf lessons: just on the doorstep and they’re also lovely lovely people (click here) Sticking with the Father’s Day theme, our very own Georgie met up with Sammy Duder and she makes gorgeous Father’s Day gifts!…click here for details

Now we’ve had sun, rain, sun and more rain it’s the PERFECT time to plan your garden and outside space. We’ve got together with our friends at The Battersea Flower Station, The Capital Garden Company, The Gorgeous Garden Company, The London Front Garden Company, Muddy Wellies and Lords of Notting Hill to help you get your garden summer ready! Thanks guys!…click here for details

Looking for a new challenge? We have more vacancies than Jurassic Park has dinosaurs!

The County Arms are recruiting bar staff. When I told Mr NVN this he seriously wondered if he could “pull a couple of pints” for them “one of two evenings a week.” If we replace the “pull” with “drink” and “a few” with “too many” I think we can understand his motivation! (click here) Plus a ton of nanny wanted and offered vacancies (click here) AND we have openings for gardeners, Kidslingo teachers and volunteers! (click here).

If you’re looking for wonderful activity ideas don’t forget to check out our regular fabby Thursday email. I’ve linked to a copy of it here! here for more details

It’s almost the summer holidays but don’t worry, we have a classroom full of schools and nursery questions!

Schoolsearching has a desk full of questions!1) Have you accepted a place at nursery at one of the two state schools above but then did not get into the reception class? 2) Do independent schools view attendance at a state nursery unfavourably ? 3) Are the Honeywell or Belleville catchment areas expanding? (click here)Mrs S. is looking for feedback on the Eveline Day School pre-nursery (click here)  Portna is searching for private schools around Clapham Junction (click here).

Finally, it’s your house and garden questions: we have more than top scientists have work place equality advice!

Nasrin is going to extend a mid-terrace and wonders if they need planning permission and if anyone can recommend a builder? (click here).  CJ is looking for a storage company whilst they do their attic (click here). Sagittarius needs a few cracked tiles replaced, who might help? (click here). J123 is looking for a good quality wooden Wendy house that she can have built and then paint (click here). Lifestyle by ASQ have commented on the “basement in Lambeth” question – thanks! (click here)  Pepper asks if anyone has bought a bathroom from BathEmpire? (click here)   Lastly, the London Fire Brigade have posted pictures of a fire at a house in Balham caused by a bottle, sunlight and wooden decking. Please be careful! (click here)

Annabel’s Arcade is our “totes free” buying and selling site!

For Sale: a shabby chic wardrobe! (click here) White Company toddler sleigh bed (click here) and a hardly used Bumbo! (click here)

Phew, that’s it, have a fabby week!!


Annabel and the Team


PS for those of you unlucky enough not to book a place at our summer party next week, deepst apologies! All spaces went in twenty four hours but we’ll be back with more events very soon!

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