GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)

NappyValleyNet has always taken its responsibility towards your data very seriously and we have, in effect, been following the standards of GDPR for many years.

We do not use any ad. tracking software, advertising networks or 3rd party tracking technology solutions because our advertisers are all local businesses with whom we deal directly.

This means that the concerns that users have over privacy, profiling and retargeting, which have been well publicised problems with other social networks, are simply not possible on NappyValleyNet.

We never sell or share your data and all we hold on you are:

a) your email address
b) your IP address
c) some details of your browser and computer if you have set these up to be shared
d) the posts that you have made on NVN.

We don’t track what you have looked at. We don’t have any credit card information, we don’t have any details of your home address and you can see everything we “hold” on you:

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As part of your registration on NappyValleyNet we will send you the following emails:

1) a weekly “chat” round-up on a Monday morning
2) a weekly “what’s-on” round-up on a Thursday morning
3) a monthly “offers and competition” email
4) an ad hoc (less than once a month) design and build guide email.

If you do not want to receive these emails in the first instance please do not register.

You are free to use the site without registering (an important part of GDPR) and there is no benefit to registering if you do not want to receive these emails.

You can opt out of these at any time by simply clicking the “unsubscribe” links on the emails.
If you have taken part in a conversation then we may notify you when people have replied to your post. You can opt out of these by visiting this page:

Please Click Here

You will need to be signed in for the link to work.

If you send us any photos for editorial purposes (and this is relevant for GDPR if those pictures have people as subjects) then we will hold them whilst we put them up on the website, or consider putting them up on the website, but once that process is complete we will delete them from our servers.

If you have any questions whatsoever please email

We have appointed a data controller who can be reached on

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