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Your slimmer summer countdown

4 – 6 weeks to gorock your body this summer

  • Choose your ‘goal dress’. This could be an old favourite or a new LBD that’s just a little too tight, but either way, it’s got to be something you know will make you feel amazing. Think too of the occasion when you’re going to wear it – picture how you’d like to look and feel and hold that thought. (Particularly when faced with a potential cookie crisis)
  • Size matters – Recognising and reducing your portion control is one of the single most important rules to follow. A good tip to remember is eat a third less than usual, and keep your protein portions the same size as your IPhone, then fill the rest of your plate with summer salads or vegetables.
  • Skinny snacks – Even a healthy diet can include snacks, just think about portion control – aim for no more than 120 kcals per snack (that’s  a very small handful of nuts and dried fruit, one Ryvita crackers with a tablespoon of cottage cheese).
  • Stay hydrated – Two litres of water a day  will flush out your system making you feel refreshed and revitalised. (And it will help you feel full!) Try adding a squeeze of lemon to give that extra zing, or even some frozen berries.
  • Work those cheeks – there is no getting away from the fact that exercise is key to getting that beach body beautiful. To tone your tosh do 16 squats a day…and if you want to make it harder do while holding the baby!
  • Washboard tummy required –  Ab curls are a great way to tone the tum and have you feeling fabulous and confident on your summer holidays. 16 a day will have you well on your way to being beach ready.
  • Be body aware – The only way to lose weight is to know exactly how many calories to consume. And the only way to know this is by working out your Metabolic rate. Ask any of the team at Jane Plan and we’ll do this for you!

Two weeks to go……..emergency measures required

  • Beat the bloating  – Reduce your salt intake – be aware of what you’re eating and try and go for foods lower in salt.
  • Curb those carbs – in the two weeks running up to your holiday try cutting out those starchy white carbs, including bread, potato, pasta and rice. It will help you achieve a flatter tummy.
  • Ban the bottle –  Make  2 weeks alcohol free before your holiday, not only will it help the weight melt away but think how nice that first drink will feel in hand, sat on the beach.
  • Be plant strong – Ever wondered how Gywnnie stays a thinnie? While the rest of us are chewing on protein in the hope it will miraculously make us lose weight, she’s following a Plant Strong diet.  If the largest part of your diet is fresh fruit and vegetables, beans and legumes and you’ll be amazed at not just how great you feel, but easy it is to lose weight.

 Hit the streets – high intensity interval training can really help moves those lumps and bumps. A sprint then a jog, a sprint then a jog and so it goes on, until you can do no more.

If you’d like to know how to get summer skinny, just give us a call – we’re pretty sure we can help you.

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